Image: ApzonRunner

DO NOT BUY THIS GAME! - Babylon's Fall Honest Review (PS4/PS5)

Platinumgames wants to create more live service software – Is it not everyone right now? – But you’ll have to do better than Babylon’s Fall, which starts pathetically. We are always preparing our review – Attention to that soon – but the first indications are terrible for the hack-and-slash published by Square Enix.

For example, on the PC Steam showcase, he culminated with about 650 simultaneous players. As a comparison, God of War – which was launched in January and is not a live service game – culminated at a little over 5,000 players today. Okay, it’s not necessarily just comparing a massive and established name like God of War in Babylon’s Fall – but we’re just trying to put things into perspective.

It is unlikely that this will improve either, because this long-standing development effort seems void. In an attempt to arouse some enthusiasm, Square Enix paid a group of popular streamers to play game, which is a relatively normal practice for publishers nowadays. Unfortunately, we do not think that the investment has borne fruit as expected, as shown by clips like this:

So, yes, Babylon’s Fall – a game filled with the presumptuous Battle Pass and recurring gaming loops, with very few people who are committed. Making live service games is notoriously difficult, so maybe we should not insist on PlatinumGames here. Yet, this one is in development since an eternity – one wonders whether it will one day recover its development costs.