New work “Alpha Diano” for Kemco’s smartphone was scheduled to be delivered on March 10 (Thu).

A new work “Alphadia Neo” for Kemco’s smartphone was scheduled to be delivered on March 10 (Thu).

It is the latest “Alphadia” series popular from the feature phone era.

From today, we have started pre-booking at the top 10!

If you have a pre-reservation, we will notify you of release information quickly.

◆ Title: Alphadia Neo ◆ Genre: Fantasy RPG ◆ Delivery date: March 10 (Thu) Delivery schedule ◆ Corresponding OS: iOS, Android ◆ Price: 860 yen ※ ANDROID only (free of charge) (A) and two types of premium versions (no pay and advertising display) are scheduled to be delivered.

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# “Alphadiano” Overview

Real-rigtical fantasy RPG “Alphadia” series latest work with the essence of life and decisions to lose the energy “Energy” to live in life, and the latest work of the “Alphadia” series is finally appeared!

Three powers that the battle over Energe broke out. The princess destroyed by her hometown kingdom and young man who do not have memory meet, and the gear of history moves a little bit.

What is the thing of the heart of Energy Institute of Life, and the prince of the sadness is the determination of her chest? Hostly passing out the road with friends, the royal road middle and fantasy stories!

# # Murner the style!

Select three styles for each character. Since the style can be changed during battle, let’s change the style and use it to move to the front row at the time of recovery, or move it to the front row at the timing of physical attacks to increase the effects of attacks and techniques.

# # Explosion · Lesoniononskill!

Special Move “Resonionon Kill” that will be released in cooperation with friends is intense! Since that qualification time takes time, it is more important to aim at timing and aiming at the behavior order of the triggering member. Let’s acquire skills at various timings, such as level up and events.

# # Aim for fishing Master! ?

You can catch fishing at any time with fishing points scattered in various places. The big fish that is caught with the chosen fishing ties will be replaced with various items. Powerful equipment that can only be obtained here too!