We have just found the best Whitley Loadout that will help you to get these annoying camper on longer distances, so make sure you make the same decisions and adjustments as in this build.

The last Warzone Update brought some new changes, balances and supplements to the Battle Royale title. Among them are the assault gun KG M40 and the Whitley LMG. These two weapons still find their place in the meta and players around the world are looking for the best builds to win the victories they deserve.

The Best Warzone Whitley Loadout

The Whitley LMG has a large long-distance potential. The slowly firing LMG is able to cause a lot of damage on medium to long distances. This build will highlight this weapon in these distances, so make sure you equip a SMG while using this LMG. You will certainly need it.

  • Snout : MX muffler.
  • Barrel : 28 “Gracey Mk.9.
  • Optics : SVT-40 PU riflescope 3-6x.
  • Bearing : CGC R4.
  • Fall : M1941 Handstop.
  • Magazine: 0.50 BMG 150 round boxes.
  • Munition : extended.
  • Rear handle : Polymer handle.
  • Advantage : Hardscope.
  • Advantage No. 2 : fully charged.


The MX muffler is a must for most vanguard weapons. This build will help players to control the strong recoil of the Whitley LMG. One of the most difficult to controlling recoil types is the horizontal or lateral recoil. Fortunately, this attachment reduces it. Facilitates the meeting of shots on medium distances.


In addition to reducing Scope Sway and Gun Bob, the 28 “Gracey Mk.9 Run increases the bullet speed, the twitch resistance, the recoil control and the accuracy. This run is the best option to improve the weapon’s handling. The other options usually offer fewer advantages and are tailored to different situations.


For the optics, players for the decide SVT-40 PU riflescope 3,6x . This optics allows players to attack enemies on medium to large distances, so that players can capture targets that would not be possible with low magnification optics. The only disadvantage of this type of rifle scope is that the recoil feels much more difficult to control, so you should practice a few matches on Caldera Clash to test this option.


The CGC R4 shaft is the perfect option to improve the handling of the weapon. This essay offers more recoil control, recoil recovery, movement speed and even accuracy. The speed at targeting down and sprinting into the fire is suffering from this essay, but this LMG should be used on medium to long distances.


For the Underbarrel mounting slot, we recommend players to use the M1941 Handstop. This small attachment improves the recoil control and the accuracy of the weapon at the expense of a certain accuracy when firing from the hip.


This weapon has a few options that can significantly change the behavior of the gun. The.50 BMG 150 round boxes Improvement of projectile speed, range, damage, shoot speed of the weapon. Reduction of recoil control, accuracy, movement speed and even the fire rate of the weapon. If players can not control the recoil, they can choose . 303 British 45 Round Magazine . This option sacrifices the damage, the impact force, the speed and reach of the weapon for more motion speed, higher fire rate, improved recoil control and accuracy.


Extended is one of the best options that you can choose. This option increases the shooting speed of the gun. Facilitates the land of shots on greater distances.

Rear handle

The Polymer Handle will help players when recoiling the weapon and improve their accuracy in continued fire, so that shooting this LMG becomes easier after each shot. In addition to improving the Flinch Resistance.


HardScope will help you with Whitley’s recoil even more at the expense of something aiming down sight speed.

Advantage no. 2

Full loaded gives you the entire ammo you need as soon as you pick up your loadout. If you have this advantage at hand, you will receive the entire ammunition you need.

The best benefits you can use with the Whitley in Warzone

When it comes to perks that cold-blooded , Overkill , Battle Scout Combo is the right way. These three perks bring a lot of value into each match, give you more information and enable you to perform another primary weapon Overkill advantage. For the second primary weapon you should have a SMG like the bringing Owen or even the PPSH-41 . These two SMGs dominate Caldera, so they should try them.

All in all, the Whitley LMG is a nice complement for the game, it resembles the assault rifle KG M40, but its fire rate, its range potential and its ammunition lift it from others.

On the fatal and Tactics Players could go for A SemTex or splitter grenade . These two lethals are more than capable of finishing vehicles and players who hide behind doors and corners. A snapshot grenade is also a good choice when choosing your next tactical. These grenade marks all enemies in their radius. Pricing and enabling them to help them handle them better.

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