Fortnite goes offline today : Epic Games announces maintenance work for the Battle Royale shooter – the update 19.40 is in the starting blocks. In a current Twitter post, the developers call first details, including the concrete time. Fortnite is at the usual time at 10 o’clock offline . Logins and game contributions are then no longer possible. The matchmaking system already switches off the developers half an hour before. At 9: 30 o’clock you can join the last game before the maintenance work.

Fortnite today offline

How long Fortnite remains offline today is not out of the information. This can certainly vary depending on the effort of the work. However, the maintenance work at the Battle-Royale shooter is usually only a short duration, so that the servers return to noon should be allowed to play fortnite as usual. In the course of the downtime, the developers publish the Update 19.40 , which may include additional changes and innovations. The concrete patch notes are not available. However, there are already first information about the scope of today’s update.

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Which changes brings the patch 19.40?

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For example, the website suspects that on the BOWNANZA week is followed by a more wild week . On you are likely to wait once more special quests, with which their additional experience points and items dowed. On Thursday in turn, the arrival of the new weekly challenges is expected. New skins are probably also available. For example, the release of a new Spider-Man skin is planned for the current season. Single Bugfixes plays the update 19.40 for Fortnite (Buy 17.99 € now) probably also. As soon as you reach the patch Notes, you will learn that as usual on our website.

From David Martin
01.03.2022 at 08:22