Babylon’s downfall , the new Action-RPG hybrid of game latest work! Alchemist of steel Mobile official site character page release announcement voice actor sign colored paper present campaign first!”>Square Enix and Platinum Games, offers a functional demo that allows you to try a large part of the early game itself. You can test the game before you get the full version in your hands, rely on your character and make the necessary changes before you find out what class you will run.

Luckily, the progress they make are not free; You can take over your creating character in the full version of the game, and the process is painfully easy! So transfer your data from the demo version of Babylon’s case to the full version.

How to transfer stored data in Babylon’s case

While you learn the basics of Babylon’s case through the demo, you can improve your character to learn new skills, collect items and cosmetics and much more. However, if you decide that you like what you want to see, and want to buy the full game, you may make sure your character will survive forever in the data of demo.

Fortunately, this is not the case. Since the game is a live service game, you must log in with a Square-Enix account. This means that you need to create an account if you have not created anyone yet to play the game, but this has its advantages.

This means that you will receive great support from Square-Enix if you encounter problems with the game, and it also saves all your stored data in one place. Since you need to sign up for the demo and the full version with this account, your information and S stored data will be transferred immediately into the new game, which makes the initial playing to children’s play. You may be able to bring your character to a new platform, e.g. B. PC when you play on PlayStation, but we could not test this theory.

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You keep your items, information and your character together with all the shells or in-game currencies you have received and get a benefit of your opponents and teammates. In a game in which it comes to be powerful, you need all the help you can get, and that’s why it’s a great option to take your friends on the journey.

Babylon’s downfall will be released on 3 March for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC, where owners of Digital Deluxe Edition can already play on February 28th.

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