Nintendo has brought many new improvements for Animal Crossing: New Horizons with his last major update. Unfortunately, crafting is still as complicated as ever and ever: we can only make an item suddenly without skipping the texts and animation when building build.

A player seemingly annoyed from the missing feature to produce several items at once, that he has considered something. With a small invention, the player can now leave the room for several minutes and still produce items in the game.

Robot takes crafting work

How does he do that? On Reddit, the user Jmichael shares his invention. This is a robot with an arm that is constantly pressing the A button of the Pro Controller of the Nintendo Switch. The character is in the game at the workbench, whereby the robot can automatically and conveniently produce multiple items until the raw materials occur at some point:

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The robot itself consists of an Arduino, a motor control and the movable unit itself. As the arm, the hobbyist uses a stylus pen from the 3DS, at the top of which a eraser was attached.

Heap of grabstones: In the comments Jmichael explains that he has made so many tombstones because it was the top purchase of the day. This means that the item can be sold in Nooks loading for a twice as high price. Thus, the robot helps him to get easier to come to Staris.

If you are not so imaginative as the Reddit User, you can also help you to wealth for other ways:

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Community knows alternative

The inspiration for this robot has the threader controller from a drinking bird, which occurs, for example, in the animation series “The Simpsons”. Many users in the comments are excited about the idea.

In the comments, however, find users who have found another alternative for themselves: a so-called turbo button. This enables a selected button quickly turn it in succession without having to be pressed.

What do you say about the homemade robot? Which game does you need such a construct?