Ubisoft Didn't Expect This... Assassin's Creed Valhalla
Ubisoft must be fascinated with _ Assassin’s Creed Valhalla . We say this because at the time of writing, it was confirmed that this game has already exceeded one billion dollars in income, thus making it the most successful financially speaking franchise. In October, it was even mentioned that _ valhalla _Ya was the second most profitable game of the _publisher French.

Valhalla came to the market a little over a year ago, in November 2020, so this achievement is truly impressive. Despite being an experience for a single player, the title has been constantly updated with new weapons and armor that you can buy using real money. He also received two important expansions, WRATH of the Druids and The Siege of Paris , not to mention Dawn of Ragnarok, that will debut next March.

Although Valhalla is having a great performance, several reports claim that Ubisoft is suffering several internal problems. The pandemic, as well as certain allegations of harassment and discrimination, have complicated the development of several games to the point that, supposedly, this year will be launching a new and smaller Assassin’s Creed.

Editor’s note: I think this new open world formula with RPG elements is not the best path that the franchise could take. The stories and narrative of the last three Assassin’s Creed have been quite weak, and I think to offer a linear experience, but more focused on their characters, would be ideal.