In September 2020, Square Enix announced fantasía Final 16 only for PS5 and PS5. Since then, we have not seen anything of the game and have not heard much of the game. Unfortunately, we still do not have an official game update and you do not know when it will change. However, we have some new rumors who suggest that the game will be delayed, despite the statements of some previous rumors who affirm that the game will arrive this year.

The rumor comes from a member of the Bloomberg industry and reporter, Jason Schreier, who recently rejoiced that illusions are not being illusions that the long-awaited 16th installment of the series is released this year. Adding to this, Schreier points out that “what must be considered about Fantasía Final is that it is being directed by the same people who direct Fantasy Final 16 that had priority last year and was delayed several times.”

Unfortunately, this is the scope of what Schreier has to say about the subject, and at this moment it is not clear how much this is based on privileged information versus pure speculation.

Fantasy Final 16 is in development only for PS5. As always, the additional ports, particularly Xbox Series X and PC, are always a possibility, but at this time, there has been no news that this happens, official or unofficial. However, as they will remember, when the game was revealed, the revelation trailer mentioned a PC version of the game. This was retracted quickly, but it seems that the game is an exclusive of the timed PS5 console. That said, something similar happened with remake of Final Fantasy 7 and Xbox One, and the game is not yet on a single Xbox platform.

«Final Efasy XVI_ takes the players to a world where Eikons are powerful and mortal creatures that reside within the dominant: a single man or woman who have been blessed with the ability to invoke his feared power,” is read in a Official launch of the game. “The story follows Clive Rosfield., A young man dedicated to dominating the sword, nicknamed the first shield of Rosaria and in charge of protecting the younger brother of Hihua, the dominant of the Phoenix. Unexpected events put Clive on a dark and dangerous road to revenge ».

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