Last updated January 29, 2021

We are already waiting for a game that allows you to play as James Bond, so it seems normal that this very rebellion title allows you to play like the kind of lovely Super-Vilains like Bond Fight. In EVIL GENIUS 2: Global domination, players will come into the skin of four different malefic genles, each with its own aesthetic and narrative campaign. With a dark and fun approach to malice, an artistic style that is both elegant and cardboard and really impressive diabolic laughs, this game looks like a wonderful moment. Or a terrible period? A wonderful moment to be terrible. That works. Let’s go with that.

At launch, the game will include:

  • _What Campaigns – Play the Narcissive Despote Max, the crazy Ivan heavy muscles, the ex-spy manipulative Emma or the Zalika scientist. Guide your malefic genius chosen through his own unique history campaign by imposing his twisted vision with a Globe without a mistrust.
  • Three Island Rentals – Choose where to build your supervillain HQ from three heavenly islands, each with its own game challenges. From the outside, your base looks like a beautiful casino, but behind closed doors are all sorts of evil unimaginable.
  • Construction of intuitive lair – Design, build and customize your den so you see fit. With modern basic construction mechanisms and many totally new game features in the series, including multi-storey den, strategy fans will feel at home with Evil Genius 2.
  • New rooms, men hand, agents, traps and more – as shown by today’s trailer, Evil Genius 2 has tons of threatening characters and diabolic objects to use in your den. Delicious Fatal Sushi Chef in Venus Spy-Trap always hungry, you have a lot of ways to prevent the forces of justice from thwarting your despicable plans.
  • World domination 2.0 – Climb on the world stage and run your total supremacy campaign. Send your servants and men’s hand on mission around the world while exercising your influence and control over the regions of the world. Complete lucrative projects, expand your criminal network, recruit new men of hand and fly all kinds of useful boots – doors in Fort Knox through a living and breathable dodo.

Taking Over The Entire World In This World Domination Game - Evil Genius 2
* _ [CLASSIFIED] – There are many surprises diabolically exciting on the way in the coming weeks – including a mode that we have not mentioned yet… _

Waving the dark side has never been so fun!

EVIL GENIUS 2: World domination will be available on March 30, 2021 for PC via Steam.

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