Since last year, the controversy of the “Nursing Act” is the new year, Therefore, the National Assembly Health Welfare Committee will open the Legislation of the first legislation on the 10th and listen to the position of stakeholders, listening to the stakeholders, and will proceed to the controversy laws.

■ Any legislation of the evaluated nursing methods

On March 25, 2021, the Democratic Party Kim Min-seok (9139) and the Nursing Court of the Kookmin (9153) Lee Jung-suk (9153), The three suggestions were representative of the legal legislation.

As the legislative purposes, as the current legislation, the current legislation does not reflect the role of a specialized nurse in a changing medical system, which requires a nursing law to establish a nursing law to provide a level of nursing to the people. have.

In particular, current medical laws include regulations for systematic and comprehensive nursing policies for regular professional nurse personnel supply and comprehension, and nurse reflects the work and characteristics of nurses that are active in a variety of areas other than medical institutions, and specifically It points out that there is a limit.

The main contents of the nursing law enactment include qualifications, roles, business scope, rights and obligations of nurses. In addition, there is also a human rights violation of human rights on human rights and establishing a nursing comprehensive plan. However, it is not only about the content of nurse and professional nurse, but also some of the nursing assistants and the care of the career.

The cost estimate was set to 400 million won for 5 years for 5 years for research services for nursing comprehensive planning and nursing skills. However, the employment of manpower such as nurses, working environment and treatment improvement was derived from the entry to be embodied.

The claim of a group opposite to a group that is approved is

The Nursing Association is not a law for nursing nurses! It is a law to protect patient safety and national health! ‘As a keyique, the promise of the evaluation of the Nursing Act of the Presidential Candidates and the pros and cons of the Citizenship.

On the 8th, the Nursing Association has opened the Second National Nursing Nurse Resolutions for the Enactment of Nursing Act and urged to enact the presidential election. In this place, it was achieved that there is a recent Doctor Association, including the appeal, including the appeal, including the appeal to maintain the promise of the Nursing Act of the Candidate,

“All candidates for the Giant Legal Candidate,” said Jisho, a “Candidate Candidate,” said Northern Candidates, “said Jiaoh, and the members of the National Assembly, and the members of the Health Welfare Committee,” he said, “he said. The national 46 million nurses, 120,000 nursing college students, and 200 million families, emphasized that they will be directed to the presidential election, confirming the commitment of the Nursing Act, and the appointment of each of the nursing legislation, and the promise of each of the presidential candidates. “

Representing national nursing college students. Is the future of a secondary-old society without a skilled nurse? I want to think about what action for the national health is not the opposite for intimidation and opposition. “

Some civil society organizations participate and see the power. “I do not know why” I do not know why I do not know why I did not know the nursing law, 83% of the people, 83% of the people of health, and the health care practitioner of health care workers, ” Do not look at the interests, but I hope to listen to consumers, and I must be enacted by the nursing law before the presidential election. “

Healthcare labor unions have done, but the chairman of the Nathan was the Nursing Association of the Nursing Association of the Nursing Association of the Nursing Association. “We have to be able to discuss discussing in depth of the nursing law,” he said, “he said,” he said.

The Korean Doctor Association, which is in the jersey of the nursing law, is called ‘Virginical Health’ for only a particular discretion.

Especially on the past 8 days, the Association of the Korea Nursing Association ▲ Korea’s Emergency Association ▲ Korea’s Emergency Association ▲ Korea’s Elderly Association ▲ Korean Elderly Career Association ▲ Korea Nursing Organization Center In cooperation with nine organizations such as long-term care agency associations, ’10 Groups of Nursing Homemon Law Jerseys, and resolved all means of mobilization, and resolve the’ Nursing Exclusive Act ‘.

At this place, President of the Physician Association of this Pilema, “Nursing alone bills will take precedence over the medical system. In other words, it is an emergency legislative that collapses the basis of health care policy by ensuring that nursing and nursing policies are more prioritized than doctors’ medical practices or medical policies. ” In the case of Healthcare, which is in charge of Corona 19, the other districts of health care fields have only been fulfilled only for the nursing association. “

The Korean Hospital Association, the Korean Hospital Association, and the Korean Hospital Association, and the Association, and the Association of the Korea Hospital, are empathous to establish and maintain a nurse to secure and maintain a stable nurse, but with a healthcare organization. We have been discussed and suggested to envision the development of the development.

“I hope that the” Nursing Association will stop the negative vessels of the Nursing Association. In addition, governments and policy authorities should discontinue the legislative attempts of the nursing dinosaurs, which are neutralized and collaboration with health care workers, and leave only the dinosaurs of the health care ecosystem. “

The president of the Nursing Association of the Nursing Association of Hong Hoong, also urges to immediately suspend the purpose of enactment of nursing alone, which causes unnecessary political and social confusion, while “If you have a continuing enactment of nursing alone, I will pay for the gun. “

President Kim Young-moon, chairman of the National Association of Korea Career, suggested that the National Assembly and the presidential election candidates have suggested that the civilian-ruling body to discuss the first half of our health care system, and suggested to verify through the public discussion on the Korean Nursing Association.

■ Is the issue of issuance of nursing law

The part of the business area has a part of the regeneration of the nursing law. First of all, you will include a nursing assistant and a care for your career. There is also a concern about the conflict of the business area for medical care.

First, the doctor allows the doctor to accept exclusive and segmental nursing activities by allowing exclusive and segmental nursing behavior, and the doctor will not be able to do anything, even if there is no nurse, even if there is no nurse, I can not act as a nurse, claiming that the nurse’s guidelines are impossible for the doctor on the nursing agitation. On the other hand, the nursing system is not subject to the regulations that no medical practice can not perform any medical practice, other than the medical person, and the medical person who has been licensed, ” It is applied to the regulations related to the nursing agitation, which is nothing to do with the current medical law.

‘Application of Nursing Law Prior to Other Acts, the doctor claims that the medical law is more prioritized than other doctors’ medical practices or policies, and the basis of health care policy is collapsed. On the other hand, the nursing system is a basic legislative form according to the characteristics of the nursing method of the nursing method, but it does not mean that the nursing policy should priority than every other health care policy due to this provision.

For the “independent medical care”, the doctor is not only to attempt to have a nurse’s work, “Map”, such as a physician, and a “business needed for” guidance “, such as a physician. It is claimed that the opening can be possible. On the other hand, the Nursing System is clearly illustrated that there is no change in the actual business area due to the provisions of the National Assembly, and the National Assembly Committee of the National Assembly Health Welfare Committee Act on the National Assembly Committee, It argues that there is no problem that it has not been a problem.

In addition, in addition to operating expenses, surveys, research costs or part of the cost or part of the expenses, the agency claims to be preference, while the nursing system is a medical law, You can assist all or part of the regulations that you have applied the regulations to the nursing law.

Of these, in the last 10 days, the National Assembly Committee of the National Assembly Committee of the National Assembly Committee was the place to listen to the opinions of the stakeholder of the nursing law at the Supreme Subcommittee. According to the National Assembly, at the meeting on the day, we have achieved opinions on the part of the legislation of the Nursing Act on the legislation. Health and Welfare Department and Nursing Association for Shin Kyung River have also been reported to agree to deleting care of caregivers.

In addition, the other laws that claim to be applied on the other side of the nursing method are also regarded as the regulation of the applicable regulations, and considering the business and arrangement of the legislation, considering the reality of the business and deployment.

In particular, in relation to the ‘prescription’ opposite the medical system, the attendance committee is to construct the doctor’s order to interpret as a nurse’s sole revision. The Ministry of Welfare has also been reported to be able to communicate with the subscription of the current law.

Nurses – Nurse – Nursing – Nursing Convenient Business Administration Regarding the establishment of a work area, the Welfare Department will be reviewed by the Nurse-Nursing Constitutional Business Area as in the Welfare Control. Regarding the Association, the Association of the Nursing Association, asking for a legal organization, a college new, and the nursing law shall be governed by a legislation with a nurse and a nursing assistant.

The first legislation judging committee shall be able to get one step further to the enactment of the Nursing Act if they are narrowing and respecting between nursing and respecting, and if they are narrowed, and they will be able to go to the end of the Nursing Association. It is likely to ask for a variety of legislation.