3D avatar was introduced in Instagram Story. Facebook and Messenger will be updated to use 3D avatars.

According to the US CEN, Facebook, which replaces the mission, the Me-suk, the Me-suk, is scheduled to introduce 3D avatars and expand to other areas by introducing North American geothermal, such as the United States, Canada and Mexico.

On Facebook, you can already use the avatar profile as an image, but the 3D animation function is added. On the other hand, the instagram is the first to introduce avatar image.

“We are looking for a digital world to be a digital world that Mobile and Computer, VR and AR are interconnected,” through a separate interview with CNENSE MENTA AVA, I explained the first strategy to realize. “

Meta adds 3D avatars to Instagram, Facebook, Messenger

If you set an avatar in Facebook or Messenger, it is also reflected on the instant image. On the contrary, if set in the instant, it applies to the messenger. You can still set up avatars per platform.

The meta-side is a plan to proceed with updates so that users can easily move multiple platforms over time.