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Basketball: Euroleague suspends Russian teams

Basketball World Shows Support to Ukraine
The basketball Euroleague has in response to the attack of Russia on Ukraine for the time being all Russian teams suspended. This communicated the European top league on Monday. One will continue to observe the situation, should not improve promptly, all previous games with the participation of Russian teams will be canceled to compensate for the table. This regulation also applies to the subclassed EuroCup. In the Euroleague, ZSKA Moscow, Unics Kazan and Zenit St. Petersburg are affected. Last Thursday Bundesligaist Bayern Munich should have compete against ZSKA, the game was canceled shortly before the start.

NBA News: Dennis Schröder can present itself allegedly extension at the Houston Rockets

For Dennis Schröder, the Houston Rockets are apparently also an option in the long term. Both sides may seem to introduce a contract extension in Offseason – a sign-and-trade also seems to be an option.

This comes from a report by Marc Stein on Substack. Accordingly, both sides have not excluded that Schröder extends his contract in Houston. The 28-year-old will be unrestricted free agent in the coming summer.

NBA Players REACT To Dennis Schroder Getting Traded To Houston!

Houston just before the Trade Deadline in a deal with the Boston Celtics for Daniel Theis the services of Braunschweig. First, it had been suspected that Schröder could become a buyout candidate, but already led by the season 2021/22 probably ended the rockets.

According to stone, a whereabouts is also an issue beyond the current season. However, a sign-and-trade in the Free Agency is an option, in this case, the two parties would allocate allegedly to find a satisfactory solution for all involved.

Since his trade to Texas, the Point Guard has set up 11.4 points, 7.8 assists and 4.6 rebounds in five missions, but he had problems with efficiency (34.5 percent FG and 21.7 percent threesome ). The Rockets seem to appreciate Schröder’s experience at the side of the young talents.

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* Warriors collapse complete! Doncic introduces mega comeback of the MAVs
* Experience the NBA live on Dazn. Register now! Can be terminated at any time monthly.

Schröder’s contract for $ 5.9 million expires in the coming summer, probably the Rockets will not be able to offer him more than the Midlevel exception ($ 10.1 million). In the past he had repeatedly emphasized to play a title. Houston, on the other hand, will need some years of the rebuild to attack again.

Broadcasting contribution: because of GEZ

The broadcasting fee is due four times a year. Payment reminders are no longer available.

Dortmund – The deadlines of broadcasting contributions should have a better view of consumers during the year than usual. Who does not pay in time for ARD, ZDF and Deutschlandradio, otherwise needs to expect high penalties. Because regular calls will no longer exist in the future, White year *.

broadcasting contributions: Which consumers are affected by the dunning fees

Each German budget must plan € 18.36 per month for public service broadcasters. The payment is usually only four times a year – each at the middle of the quarter. Contributions can decide for themselves whether they have the broadcasting contribution by direct debit or transferring personally.

So far, there were regular memories for the persons who have not sent the money in time, but this luxury should be abolished according to merur.de *. Instead, there is only one invitation to transfer the money in time – otherwise it will be expensive. The dunning fees can not be waiting for a long time after the appeal.

How to Stop Paying Broadcast TV Fees Forever

Broadcasting contributions: Therefore, a regular payment reminder is omitted

The change has several reasons: By eliminating the permanent payment memories, the company saves the shipping costs of the letters, and the administration is relieved (more service news * at year).

In other areas, a one-time request has long been the rule for a long time. With the broadcasting contributions, it is now also possible during the year that customers only receive a request. For persons who do not pay the amount then it will be expensive.

Broadcasting: So expensive the dunning fees should be with missed deadlines

Because customers have to expect juicy dunning fees if they do not transfer the money to the data due. These are usually on 15 February, May 15, August 15 and November 15th.

If the broadcast amount is not paid in due time within four weeks, consumers receive a notice of payment. This requires a late payment surcharge of one percent of the backward contributors, which is at least eight euros.

After the Federal Constitutional Court decided until last year that the broadcasting contributions may be increased *, it can be even more expensive for some consumers.

Broadcasting contributions: How consumer reminder fees can easily handle

In order to not pay a late payment surcharge, direct debit procedures can be used. These ensure that the money is deducted from the account in good time and are therefore more convenient for users.

The completion of transfers is eliminated and it is excluded that payments are overlooked or false transfers are made. According to merkur.de, however, some people are freed from paying broadcasting contributions . _ year and Merkur.de are part of the editorial network of Stip.Media._

Category list picture: © Soeren Stache / DPA

Dragon Age 4 lies in the middle of its production, although in BioWare they are still reduced

Christian Dailey, executive producer in BioWare leaves the research study from BioWare, they intended to place the aforementioned day about the current state of the game via an access in the blog site of it. The new Dragon Age would certainly be in the center of the manufacturing stage : “Our job was completed in 2014, so currently we are concentrated on creating our vision: Produce remarkable environments, deep characters, solid gameplay, stunning story, emotional motion picture as well as a lot a lot more. The video game project has been well comprehended as well as The team is centered “.

BioWare promises Information concerning Dragon Age throughout the year This is not the initial of the losses that the study has actually suffered in current times, in November last year, Matt Goldman, Veteran of the Market and BioWare participant For even more than 20 years, he left the study where he exercised Elderly Creative Supervisor of the Dragon Age Saga. After the march of Dailey, BioWare wished to explain the significance in the task of Mac Walters , manufacturing director and who recently directed the growth of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Corrine Busche , project supervisor and also * Benoit Houle , Supervisor of Product Advancement. BioWare also has assured at its post Enhance communication with the target market * throughout the year, as growth proceeds.

Dragon Age 4 is probably one of the most expected RPG by followers to gender. The BioWare trajectory has a few of the fantastic referrals for West Role Games, nonetheless, a number of things In current times and a collection of rough complaints have actually been able to take fans to really feel some worries With regard to its growth.

BioWare's In Trouble... 150+ Senior Devs Quit & The Sad Truth of Dragon Age 4/Mass Effect 4

The research has actually likewise made the most of to bid farewell to Christian Dailey , who was bring in BioWare since 2018 at the executive producer function . “The videogame market adjustments continuously as well as, sometimes, individuals wish to go as well as attempt brand-new points; we recognize it, however we will miss him as a good friend and also colleague,” shared BioWare, confessing that Dailey had been “an excellent impact” for his video games.

Skebo ACT “Oriori World” -An the past 30 years of skateboard culture in a deep action game. The impact of World Industries and the manufacturer has also been received by [Developer interview]

An interview with the developer of the new indie game I’m worried about this project. This time, a Skateboard Action “ Orioliolli World ” to Developer released on February 8 for Roll7 Development, PC / PS5 / PS4 / XSX / Xbox ONE / Switches We will deliver. Interviews of concept artists and lead environment artists are also available. This time I answered the creative director.

This work is an action game that aims to “Narvana” while using the skateboard technique on the stage of the colorful and world “Ladlandia” and interacting with various characters. Easy Operation The player can enjoy your own original style, such as a refreshing feeling, a rich character customization that will repeat a number of versatile tricks. As the preceding play report is also posted, it is necessary to check if you are concerned about the details. It is also true for Japanese.

“Oriori World” is delivered for 3,300 yen (STeam).

– First of all, please introduce yourself. What is your favorite game?

John Robbins (hereinafter JOHN) Hello. It is John of the creative director of this work. The most favorite game changes well, so there is nothing like this. When you start playing a new game, it will be my favorite game for 40 hours from then… or clear. And I feel like playing the next game again!

-Why did you start developing this work?

John “Ollioli” also “Ollioli2: Welcome to Olliwood” was also very high and won a lot of fans. These works were highly appreciated by critic people and players, we were very happy, but after making these games, we felt like our studios have grown and growing many I was. Therefore, we used the findings we got when we were making “Laser League: World Arena”, and returned to this series, and we wanted to make “Oriori” that we have dreamed all the time.

– Please tell me the characteristics of this work.

John I think the way of construction of the world of this work is probably the most characteristic. The branched route system allows the player to change or change depth in the stage, which can be said to be a very different factor as an action game. It did not intentionally wanted to adopt, but it was discovered when making a prototype, and I thought it was perfect for this work.

Another big feature is character creatation. It is very fine to be very fine, and it is something that can not be seen in such a type of game. It is not that there are 100 different colors of the same shirt, but I made time and love with time and love to become an item that I really want to wear.

– What kind of person do this work do you want to play?

John Target The player will be divided into two groups beautifully. The first is a player who plays more works of the “Oriori” series, and it is a player who wants to enjoy this series. Such people will be exciting to a new system. The stage of the early stage is easier than past work, but the end game has been challenging as much as ever. The second group may have never skated, with people who have never heard about “Oriori”, and may not be interested, but still their pace It is a person who wants to enjoy the action game and enjoy a cool world view and challenge. As a good place for this work, you can enjoy at your own pace, you can enjoy highly difficult actions as you like, and you can simply find the world of Ladlandia.

– Is there a work affected by this work?

John is not particularly. If something is wrong, this work is mainly affected by the “Orioli” series work. However, the style of the story and customization items is, of course, affected by the skate culture for about 30 years. Of course the famous skater, of course, I was inspired from World Industries, BLIND, and Santa Cruz, saying old skate patterns. And more, more inspiration is something that has come out from the head of the wonderful artists of Roll7!

– Did you have an impact on development by new coronavirus?

John Actually Roll 7 is active as a remote studio from 2015. Therefore, we have already been able to interact from home and interact online and work while stimulating each other. However, rock down has lost many benefits to work from home. It is because he was forced to work from home, rather than choosing to work from home. As if necessary, we have made it easier to adjust work time so that you can take care of children. In addition, we applied power to people with online events and gave people to interact more. Everyone was a very difficult time, but I was able to do as much as possible!

– Is it okay to deliver and monetize this work?

John Yes, there should be no problem. However, since he is organized about the rights, it is better to mute the sound music now.

– Lastly, please give a message to the Japanese reader.

Thank you for reading John interview. If you can play this work, I’m glad if you can make a character that is excited. May I have a wonderful journey in Ladlandia!

–thank you.

Animal Crossing Tüftler builds robots to facilitate crafting

Nintendo has brought many new improvements for Animal Crossing: New Horizons with his last major update. Unfortunately, crafting is still as complicated as ever and ever: we can only make an item suddenly without skipping the texts and animation when building build.

A player seemingly annoyed from the missing feature to produce several items at once, that he has considered something. With a small invention, the player can now leave the room for several minutes and still produce items in the game.

Robot takes crafting work

How does he do that? On Reddit, the user Jmichael shares his invention. This is a robot with an arm that is constantly pressing the A button of the Pro Controller of the Nintendo Switch. The character is in the game at the workbench, whereby the robot can automatically and conveniently produce multiple items until the raw materials occur at some point:

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The robot itself consists of an Arduino, a motor control and the movable unit itself. As the arm, the hobbyist uses a stylus pen from the 3DS, at the top of which a eraser was attached.

Heap of grabstones: In the comments Jmichael explains that he has made so many tombstones because it was the top purchase of the day. This means that the item can be sold in Nooks loading for a twice as high price. Thus, the robot helps him to get easier to come to Staris.

If you are not so imaginative as the Reddit User, you can also help you to wealth for other ways:

__3 __0

more on the subject

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Community knows alternative

The inspiration for this robot has the threader controller from a drinking bird, which occurs, for example, in the animation series “The Simpsons”. Many users in the comments are excited about the idea.

In the comments, however, find users who have found another alternative for themselves: a so-called turbo button. This enables a selected button quickly turn it in succession without having to be pressed.

What do you say about the homemade robot? Which game does you need such a construct?

Test de Total War: Warhammer III


You have already had many opportunities to read my laudatory tests of Total War: Warhammer, Total War: Warhammer II or their DLCs. I titraized the first “perfect alchemy” and the second “how do we say that perfect?” Yet the first thing that jumps in the eyes by launching Total War: Warhammer III, it’s all the small additions that have been done over time, such as the management of maritime treasures or inhospitable areas. This new opus is built on these achievements and enriches it again, especially at the level of diplomacy. From now on, it is possible to know exactly whether an agreement is close or not, to ask our interlocutor to balance it to make it acceptable or to see in one click with whom it would be the easier to establish such or such agreement. Better, it is also possible to build “advanced positions” in provincial capitals of the Allies, to recruit the available units, which makes it possible to diversify its armies.

By ways of sides, this total War: Warhammer III could be called “Total War: Warhammer – Definitive Edition”. It integrates nearly six years of content: even if they are not (still) playable, humans, dwarves and skavens take with them all the units added via the different DLCs that these breeds have received over the years.. Units that can be recruited as mercenaries, so even without having the DLC concerned.

4 That’s good, 8 it’s better

Yet it would be wrong to believe that this opus does not bring anything, on the contrary. While Total War: Warhammer contained only five factions playable at the start, and his suite only four, this new opus integrates directly eight: Kislev, Cathay, the ogres kingdoms and five factions related to chaos (four factions related to a specific God., Khorne, Tzeentch, Slaanesh and Nurgle, as well as a last, the demons of chaos, dedicated to universal chaos). If you want a detailed description of Cathay and Demons du Chaos, I recommend this seiEI overview.

It is very satisfying to have as many choices and really nice as Creative Assembly has dared out of the beaten track by creating the factions of Cathay and Kislev. However, I must also admit that the latter seemed less unique than the breeds of the first two opus and that if the different gods of the chaos are playing differently, when one is facing them, it comes back from the same to the same, or almost. In addition, the five factions of Chaos do not include only one sub-faction. It was already in Total War: Warhammer, but his suite would incorporate two sub-factions by breed, which was practical in multiplayer. Never happy, in short? Perhaps well, but the efforts of Creative Assembly are in any case appreciable, and we can not wait for these factions to enrich itself over the years.

Other notable addition, Total War: Warhammer III has a prologue. In terms of the gameplay, this one is quite unpleasant for the regulars of the license, as it takes time to explain what we already know. On the other hand, in a narrative level, this prologue is really pleasant, especially thanks to magnificent cinematics: we feel all the progress made by Creative Assembly in this field in recent years. In addition, if you want to initiate your little cousin at the Total War license, this prologue is the ideal opportunity; Especially since the game is available on the Xbox Game Pass.

Finally, let’s focus on the main campaign, with the unusual structure. Indeed, on the strictly theoretical level, it would be possible to win it by controlling a single territory. Thus, to win, just go with his lord in the fields of the four gods of chaos, to kill their favorites and to use their souls to go to the place of a last fight. Easy, right?

I obviously force the trait and this campaign is long breath (the first one I did took me nearly 40h, against 17 for my first campaign on Total War: Warhammer), but its structure is very different from the total War classics since it is not necessary to conquer this or that territory. On a regular basis, flaws appear and we must serve with his faction chief, accompanied by an army allowing him to resist in these hostile lands. Problem: These faults appear everywhere and have Ausi_ as a capacity to teleport armies from one place to another. This gives this new opus a very unstructured look: it is possible to be attacked more or less anywhere, forcing to build walls in each colony to guard against an attack.

These elements contribute to creating a very dynamic campaign, which also benefits from these narrative passages.

The Holy See

Summarize. We take a game “better than perfect”, it is still improved and the gave of attractive novelties: the result can only be exceptional, right? Unfortunately, “different” does not necessarily mean “better” and one of the changes of this new opus illustrates it perfectly. Indeed, the game incorporates a system of resources reminiscent of the traditional RTS I presented last year. In short, killing enemy units or controlling some areas, the player gets resources allowing him to create buildings (towers or dams) or, in some battles, to recruit units.

I am not a fan of the system, for the reasons mentioned in the article, but Creative Assembly had the good idea to make them (almost) optional. Indeed, these battles only occur during clashes against the disciples of chaos, four battles that can be resolved automatically and during the final confrontation, which must be done in manual. Let’s say it clearly: this ultimate battle has been one of my worst experiences on a total War, which took me a total of more than three hours between the two tests that it asked me to win (accurate). In my wish list for the Total War, I had never registered “battles of 2h that we can only win by learning the script by heart”, but if it should only happen once, why not.

The drama of this game is that Creative Assembly, probably fan of its system, said it would be stupid to limit it to this frame: this resource system is also present in the seat battles or when the enemy is in camp mode. This is how these battles, which should be rare, become extremely common.

Explain in detail the problems posed. Since the dawn, the defensive seat battles in the total War are to find a bottleneck, to form several rows of units and to hold, hold, hold, as if we realized a remake of 300. These battles gave rise to epic victories, at the end of which was carried away with four units of Archers Ashigaru against an entire army. All this is now finished. Indeed, it is now necessary to protect three or four refueling points, forcing to disperse. However, it’s not so bad. In reality, the problem is elsewhere: never the hall design_ seats had been so mediocre. To see it, let’s take this map as an example:

During this battle, I have 18 units under my orders, which is not bad. However, there are a total of six different paths allowing access to the center, and I am only talking about the last meters: it is not possible to defend elsewhere as the center, because each position can be easily bypassed by the ‘enemy if he wishes. It’s probably pleasant in attack, but defending in a siege battle holds a nightmare, both the possible routes are numerous for the attackers. Curiosity, I was then seeing the different cards for seat battles: all have their wide openness and many possible passages. In this respect, the comparison between the cards present in Total War: Warhammer III and those of the same name of Total War: Warhammer II is striking. Let’s look at Altdorf, the imperial capital, for example:

In 20 years, after the release of the last graphics cards of NVIDIA , such cards will probably be the frame of incredible battles involving hundreds of units on each side. Today, however, even with 40 units, they are virtually indefensible: a supernumerary opponent will always find the opportunity to work around.

Total War: Warhammer III GPU Performance Benchmark

In addition, it is unfortunately not the only fault of these battles. If it is not possible to bring new units (logical), however, it is possible to invest points in defenses, whether it’s barricades or towers. For the coup, it’s a great idea: there are many possibilities (which probably explain the great opening of cards) and it is appreciable to be able to plan its defenses with precision, as was the case in some old Total War. There is only one – very light – worry: a developer has obviously forgotten a zero somewhere. Indeed, the player has a basic fury that he can spend for constructions, each with a certain price. Better, towers and barricades each have four levels, more and more expensive: a tower can cost up to 2000 points. However, the defender generally begins with… 1000 points, either painfully enough to build three small barricades on the dozen available.

These points arrive as and when, defending certain points. However, if you want to build a turn after the start of the game, you will have to wait 90 seconds between the moment you spend the points and the term of its construction, eternity in such a battle. Pis, do not expect to build a little expensive building, before improving it. To illustrate it, let’s take a concrete example. A defensive tower costs 500, 900, 1500 or 2000 points, according to its level. Imagine that with your 1000 miserable starting points, you decided to buy two levels 1 towers, in order to improve them next. Only, to pass them at level 2, it will not spend 400 points, but 650. To pass them from level 2 to 3, it will not be 600 points, but 950. Finally, the last change will ask for 1300 instead. 500 (small bonus for the ultimate change, because why not). In total, proceed asking to spend 3400 points to create a maximum level, against 2000 if you do it directly, without an intermediate stage. And since this tariff was not prohibitive enough, should also indicate that each change takes 30 seconds to make effect.

In short, it is not used to build intermediate level buildings unless you plan to stop there. It is better to save maximum, then invest everything, wait 90 seconds and… Ah, the battle is already over. Never mind.

Only one being you miss and everything is depopulated

It is difficult to conclude on this total WAR: Warhammer III. The positive points are numerous and undeniable: the improvements of ergonomics, the many factions, the strong narrative dimension… likewise, on the strict plan of the feeling, this new opus has been able to embark like only a few games per year know do it. After a total WAR: Three Kingoms and a total War Saga: Troy ** both half-hinged, come back to the Warhammer franchise does a lot of good. However, I also feel an important disappointment by finding the mutilation of one of the games of the game that I preferred, namely seat battles.

Some concepts are interesting, such as the management of defensive equipment, and it is probably sufficient for a few adjustments to make this appreciable: increase the money available initially, allow the creation and immediate improvement of buildings, do not put extra cost in case improvement, etc. However, it will undoubtedly be delicate to remedy the problems of Level Design… unless reintegrating the battle cards from previous opus.

In short, this total War: Warhammer III is really The start of the end: It is a great pleasure to return to this license, but it is to be hoped that its release is only the beginning of a long cycle of Free paid day, mods and DLCs to perfect the experience.

_Test directed by Alandring from a version provided by the publisher.

Marvels Guarders of the Galaxy has sold less than expected

After the disappointment that was MARVEL’S AVENGERS, _ Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy _ He arrived at the market last year, and had a positive reception. However, Square Enix has revealed that the sales of this title are below what is expected, although they still do not give up with this game.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy - What Happens if You Sell Rocket Vs Sell Groot (All Choices)
Through the most recent fiscal report of the company, it has been revealed that the new work of Eidos Montreal failed to achieve expectations that Square Enix had. Fortunately, The Japanese company plans to implement a series of measures to obtain as many possible profits . This was what was commented about:

“Despite the good reviews, the game sales at its launch were below our initial expectations. However, the initiatives we carry out in November and continue in the new year have resulted in sales growth, and we intend to work to continue expanding them and compensate for the slow start of the title. “

This means that we will surely see discounts and price reduction in the future. Although at the moment there is no official information, a report from Jeff Grubb at the end of last year pointed out that _ Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy_ managed to surpass the million units for November 2021.

On related topics, you can check our review of marvel’s guarders of the galaxy here. Similarly, this game already has Ray-Tracing in consoles.

Editor’s note:

It’s sad to see that marvel’s guarders of the galaxy, _ a single player experience, not so well received as expected. Considering that _MARVEL’S AVENGERS continues to receive support, we hope that the work of Eidos Montreal has a similar support.

Assassins Creed Valhalla already generated Ubisoft for more than a billion dollars

Ubisoft Didn't Expect This... Assassin's Creed Valhalla
Ubisoft must be fascinated with _ Assassin’s Creed Valhalla . We say this because at the time of writing, it was confirmed that this game has already exceeded one billion dollars in income, thus making it the most successful financially speaking franchise. In October, it was even mentioned that _ valhalla _Ya was the second most profitable game of the _publisher French.

Valhalla came to the market a little over a year ago, in November 2020, so this achievement is truly impressive. Despite being an experience for a single player, the title has been constantly updated with new weapons and armor that you can buy using real money. He also received two important expansions, WRATH of the Druids and The Siege of Paris , not to mention Dawn of Ragnarok, that will debut next March.

Although Valhalla is having a great performance, several reports claim that Ubisoft is suffering several internal problems. The pandemic, as well as certain allegations of harassment and discrimination, have complicated the development of several games to the point that, supposedly, this year will be launching a new and smaller Assassin’s Creed.

Editor’s note: I think this new open world formula with RPG elements is not the best path that the franchise could take. The stories and narrative of the last three Assassin’s Creed have been quite weak, and I think to offer a linear experience, but more focused on their characters, would be ideal.

Pokemon Go introduces brand-new events with Pikachu as well as Corasonn

In the next couple of weeks, Bepokémon Go new occasions bring the costumed Pikachu as well as Corasonn. Partially the occasions run around the world.

We reveal you whatever we know regarding the two brand-new visits.

All Of The Hat Pikachus in Pokémon GO
What are this for occasions? The Niantic group announced two brand-new occasions for March and May. One of them is the “Pokémon Air Trusteuer” event, which ought to in fact happen in the summertime of 2021, however was canceled because of the globally travel situation.

Event in March – just in Japan

What happens? In some areas of Japan, including Okinawa, generate wild Pikachu with Kariyushi t-shirt.

When does it run? From the 19th of March. The entire thing should be energetic for greater than a year.

Particularly for instructors in Okinawa brand-new Pokéstops were constructed, such as Gullieckel with Pokémon designs. When transforming exclusive postcard concepts, from these quits you obtain.

Worldwide air event in Pokémon Go

When is it going? from 3 May 2022 to 8 May 2022.

The event likewise consists of flying Pikachu with inter-colored balloons, which can be discovered once more only in Okinawa. Furthermore, Okinawa will certainly occur on 7 and also 8 May a ticketable event.

The precise event components are still unclear. Niantic wants to share them “soon” with the trainers.

In the next couple of weeks, Bepokémon Go brand-new occasions bring the costumed Pikachu and also Corasonn. What are this for occasions? The Niantic team announced two new events for March and also May. This is a cooperation event with the Pokémon Air Trusteuer and also Pokémon Go. Are you looking ahead to seeing you and would take a trip to Japan for such an event, or do you favor only the around the world occasions?

Exactly how do you like the view of the occasions? Are you anticipating seeing you and would certainly travel to Japan for such an event, or do you like just the globally events? Just how precisely Corasonn is then opened in the world for the event is still uncertain. Currently you suspect that it will certainly travel through RAIDS or eggs.

What takes place? This is a collaboration event with the Pokémon Air Trusteuer and also Pokémon Go. You can then get involved in the air fashionable all over the world.

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