Since its inception at E3 earlier this year, Marvel Game Fans wanted to know more about the adaptation of Square Enix to marvel’s Avengers. Thus, to follow up on a long gaming trailer who made his debut at Games com, we finally have more.

A new Game Overview trailer has made its debut on Marvel Entertainment’s YouTube channel this morning, I will give a little more detail about history, as well as what players can expect from this next summer adventure.

It begins with a summary of the story. After a battle in San Francisco, the Avengers end up dissolving after an explosion that left the city in ruins and Captain America (so-called) killed in combat. As a result, a new organization, AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics), takes over, promising to protect the country with robotics. However, everything is not like it seems.

Kamala Khan discovers a possible plotted with the company and swear to gather the avengers. Using its incredible physical powers, Kamala goes to a makeshift headquarters (from a destroyed transport helicopter), where what remains of the group is committed to fighting the forces of AIM through several missions (hero and War zone), resuming slowly but surely control.


The game offers a solid solo campaign with several unlocked and premium equipment. There is also a mode of playing with friends in cooperation, although this mode has not yet been revealed. More than probably, we’ll see it earlier next year.

Marvel’s Avengers also offers an upgrade system, where you can use certain powers on your heroes (such as Iron Man’s equipment). The more you will give power to your heroes, the better it will be because the forces of AIM are not about to fall asleep quietly. This includes the benefits, as well.

Things end with some allusions to a new game, highlighting the powers of Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, etc. Discover the all below and get ready for Marvel’s Avengers when it will arrive on May 15, 2020, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC!