Respawn Entertainment, which is the developer of Aida of Titan and legends of the Alice according to reports, is working on a new first-person shooting game. In recent years, several fanatics have continued to request that Respawn develops Aida del Titan 3, which is something that the study has not necessarily knocked down. And while the Titan 3 could be the project that many people want to see then, it seems that Respawn is currently working on something very different.

According to a new Lambert report, Respawn is developing a new project that could be launched at 2024 or 2025. The game in question is still in the early stages of development, but was in charge of Mohammad ALADI, who was Developer of Call of Duty. As of last week, ALADI announced that he would leave Respawn after 11 years in the company. And although the absence of it apparently affected this secret project, it is still said that Respawn goes ahead with the game.

When it comes to more details about this new respawn title, it is informed that it is another first-person shooting game that places a great emphasis on mobility. And while this may sound very similar to the Titan fall series of the study, it is specifically said that the game is not Aida del Titan 3. For now, it is said that this project is still in the prototype phase, which means that the members of the study in Respawn will continue Ireland in their central design in the near future. After this phase, it will end up entering full production, with the aim of launching in the aforementioned launch windows.

Although it may be strange to hear that Respawn is working on another shooting game that is not related to Titan fall or legends del Alice, the study has definitely demonstrated during most of the last decade that is one of the best developers in the world when it comes to create games in this genre. As such, it will be worth coming closely whatever this title becomes the future.

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