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Germany starts today against Belarus in the Handball European Championship 2022. Here you can follow the game in Bratislava in the Live ticker.

Handball EM, Germany vs. Belarus: The level

Team Germany Belarus
Goals 17 19

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Handball EM: Germany vs. Belarus now in the live ticker

Handball EM: Germany vs. Belarus now in the Live ticker — Start 2nd half

Halftime Conclusion: For a break, Germany is located in its starting match of the EM 2022 with 17:18 rear. Especially in the initial phase, the DUB selection had great problems. They started driving and fueled too many slight ball losses. In the defense, the Germans also got no access. Both improved in the course of half, so you could catch up a 2-7 residue EU A EU and in the meantime even in the lead. Although you are back to the break again slightly back, but at least in the context, everything is still in the context, even if you can increase and should increase in the second passage.

Handball EM: Germany Vs. Belarus now in Live tick — halftime

30.: Tor for Germany, 17:18 by Philipp Weber

30.: Tor for Belarus, 16:18 by Nikita Kailua

29.: Tor for Germany, 16:17 by Marcel Schiller

28.: 2 minutes for Christoph Steiner (Germany)

28.: Tor for Belarus, 15:17 by ATSEM Karate

27.: Tor for Germany, 15:16 by Kai Hefner

27.: 2 minutes for Julius Kuhn (Germany)

27.: Tor for Belarus, 14:16 by ATSEM Karate

26.: Tor for Germany, 14:15 by Julius Kuhn

26.: Tor for Belarus, 13:15 by Vadim Gayduchenko

25.: Tor for Belarus, 13:14 by Ladislav Rules. The time game has long been displayed, there is another last free throw where three people are blocking for Rules. The back house shooter meets the middle block for the new leadership for the Belarusen.

24.: Tor for Germany, 13:13 by Christoph Steiner

23.: Tor for Belarus, 12:13 by Nikita Kailua

22.: Tor for Germany, 12:12 by Marcel Schiller

22.: 2 minutes for Viktor AITA (Belarus)

22.: Tor for Belarus, 11:12 by Nikita Kailua

22.: Tor for Belarus, 11:11 by Girl Samoa

21.: Tor for Germany, 11:10 by Christoph Steiner. With the second tempo shot in a row, the German team turns the game! After 2: 7 you are now with 11:10 in front.

21.: Tor for Germany, 10:10 by Johannes Golda

20.: Tor for Germany, 9:10 by Julius Kuhn

19.: Tor for Germany, 8:10 by Kai Hefner. Hefner uses the place in the majority and meets! After initial problems and some mistakes, the man of Mt Messenger has now gone hot.

18.: Tor for Germany, 7:10 by Marcel Schiller

17.: 2 minutes for Ladislav Rules (Belarus). Rules meets Steiner at a defensive action on the face. The referee’s gap looks at the replay, but then leaves it at a time penalty. A justifiable decision.

17.: Tor for Belarus, 6:10 by Nikita Kailua

16.: Tor for Germany, 6: 9 by Julius Kuhn. Also, these hits need the German team. Kuhn just gets up and fires the ball in the bottom left corner.

15.: Tor for Belarus, 5: 9 by ATSEM Karate

14.: Tor for Germany, 5: 8 by Christoph Steiner

14.: Tor for Belarus, 4: 8 by Nikita Kailua

14.: Yellow card for Christoph Steiner (Germany)

13.: 2 minutes for Viachaslau Khan (Belarus)…. and additionally can get the time-lapse, because Khan had grasped into the throwing arm.

13.: Tor for Germany, 4: 7 by Kai Hefner. Very important action by Hefner, who can prevail a lot of will…

11.: Tor for Germany, 3: 7 by Kai Hefner

11.: Consequently, Alfred Gílson takes the first time out of time and admonishes his guys to concentration. In addition, the exercise leader changes early the goalkeeper and so Wolff is now instead of climatic between the posts.

11.: Tor for Belarus, 2: 7 by Ladislav Rules

10.: Striker Fouls, miscarries and weak goal terminals. The German team makes too many mistakes and gives the ball too easy. So it has the DUB selection very difficult.

10.: Tor for Belarus, 2: 6 by ATSEM Karate

8.: Tor for Belarus, 2: 5 by Artsier Kulak. Again, the German defense is too passive and let Kulak quite rise free. Like in the box of the Germans also does not get a hand to the ball.

7.: Tor for Belarus, 2: 4 by Nikita Kailua

6.: A drowsy prelude of the German team, which does not manage to find the circle in the offensive and is still a bit ideal. The DUB selection is already the third ball loss.

6.: Tor for Belarus, 2: 3 by ATSEM Karate

5.: Tor for Belarus, 2: 2 by Andrei Murano

4.: Tor for Germany, 2: 1 by Philipp Weber

2.: Tor for Germany, 1: 1 by Kai Hefner. The first tournamentator of the Germans goes to the account of Kai Hefner! The left-handed switches after a bad pass from Weber’s fastest, breaks through to the circle and sunk safely to 1: 1.

2.: 2 minutes for Viachaslau Khan (Belarus)

1.: Tor for Belarus, 0: 1 by Ladislav Rules. The first attack is located directly! Rules rises in the left back at nine meters and sunk against climatic, which is at the beginning at the DUB selection at the beginning.

1.: On the way! The Belarusen throw, the German team initially defends in the black Jerseys.

Handball EM: Germany vs. Belarus now in the Live ticker –Union

Before starting: For Germany Till Glimpse starts today and not as expected Andreas Wolff.

Before starting: After a successful EM quality and good performance at the World Cup, Belarus should not underestimate. Although the team of Yuri Sheets is likely to be the light outsider today, nonetheless can be expected with the Belarus.

Before starting: with only 17 players and known without many years of service providers such as Peeler, Beshear, or Reinhold, the German Team joined the journey to the EM. Nonetheless, Alfred Gílson and his team are highly motivated and equipped after successful tests against Switzerland and France with the necessary self-confidence. The objective for the starting game is therefore clear, a victory for starting into group D is supposed to be.

Before starting: The German team starts in the EM tournament after two weeks of preparation. Even if the team of Alfred Gílson is the outsider in the European Championship, a starting victory against Underdog Belarus is actually duty. Up to nine players could celebrate their tournament debut.

Before starting: The Ejection to the first party of Group D takes place today at 6 pm at Jimmy Station Andrea Nepal in Bratislava (Slovakia)

Before starting: Hello and welcome to the Live ticker of the game between Germany and Belarus at Handball-EM 2022.

Handball EM: Germany vs. Belarus today live in the TV and Livestream

The EM starting game of the German Handball National Team is now broadcast live in the Free TV and LiveStream.

In the freely receivable television, the game can be seen from 17.45 clock at the ARD. The public service station on Sportsman.DE also a free LiveStream.

A LiveStream is available on SportGermanland.TV. The streaming service shows every game of the EM tournament in the LiveStream. These can all see you with the tournament pass for 12 euros.

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Handball EM 2022: The Schedule of Group D at a Glance

Date Time Team 1 Team 2
14. January 2022 6 pm Germany Belarus
14. January 2022 20.30 Austria Poland
16. January 2022 6 pm Germany Austria
16. January 2022 20.30 Belarus Poland
18. January 2022 6 pm Poland Germany
18. January 2022 20.30 Belarus Austria