Amazon, Inc. is an American e-commerce business and cloud computing solutions in any way degrees based in the city of Seattle, Washington. Your motto is: fully (translated right into Spanish: fully ). It is among the initial large companies in selling items with the Internet. Amazon additionally owns Alexa Web,, Store Bop, Net Flick Database (IMDb),, and also Twitch in Ireland, Canada, Australia, Germany, Austria, United Arab Emirates, France, Chinese Individuals’s Republic, Japan, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico to use the products of those countries. Amazon is additionally present in various other countries, where it performs assistance functions, such as in the Republic of India, South Africa, Turkey, as well as Costa Rica, from which Streamlines Client Solution in Latin America as well as 7500 staff members is one of the biggest companies of the country.
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update — the situation has been mastered!


It would seem that Amazon Games mastered his cheerful Rodeo and after such a time he has a full control over New World. Nevertheless, as you can see, Early Access is governed by his rights, so the mistakes can still occur. That it was not Early Access, in the end New World officially made his debut? And this pardon! Mea Culpa! I do not know why I made a mistake of this Amazon with Early Access!

Malice aside, it’s time for particulars. NEW WORLD blocked trade between players because of the next error in the game. The company suspects that one could come to the next copy of gold in the game, which is why they decided to look at the next lock to look at the whole. Amazon did not report whether and what consequences will be outstretched when it turns out that someone was doubled by gold in New World.

It is also not known what is responsible for a new error. Assuming, of course, that it is new and caused by updates and changes in the game. It may also be as well as the problem has existed longer. You can find more details here.

Despite all of this turbulence, New World still has an average of over 70,000 players, and in the gusts there are even 120,000. Early to the premiere of 900,000, but the work of Amazon is still holding. Who knows, maybe in half a year or a year, we will hear about him again, but in a more positive aspect?