Jayne Ann Castle Rent (March 28, 1948, in Borneo Springs, The Golden State, USA. UP) is a very popular writer within the romantic novel category. JACK. (Abbreviation made use of by the fans of it) has actually concerned utilize up to 7 different pseudonyms, Jayne describes that she makes use of various names so that viewers can promptly advise what sort of publication they will certainly read. She is presently determined to use only 3 of them: she authorizes the modern novels with the wedded name of her Jayne Ann Rent, the historic novels with the pseudonym of Amanda Quick, and also the futurists with the name of Solitary, Jayne Castle. The pseudonyms that she now much longer used is: Jayne Taylor, Jayne Bentley, Stephanie James (pseudonym that under which she has converted publications) and also Amanda Glass, although the majority of those publications have actually been reissued under the name of her: Jayne Ann Rent.
The novels of it have actually been Best-Sellers on greater than 30 events, 20 consecutive ones, according to the prominent checklist of the New York Times. Its prolific writer, she has actually released greater than 140 books, of which greater than 75 are translated right into Spanish.

INAMI Digital Entertainment announced on January 6th, NFT Art, which is subject to the Devil Castle Dracula series, will begin to start from 7:00 on January 13. NFT Marketplace Open SEA sells in auction scheme for the whole world.

The Devil Castle Dracula series is a popular action game that has reached the 35th anniversary last year. INAMI launches the content that has continued to be loved by the fans as art, and this time, this time, the game scene and BGM selected from the popular work of the series, and the new drawing visual, etc. 14 Art works (each one point) is sell.

In this case, Japanese version and global of Devil Castle Circle of the Moon released mainly for the impressive scene of the 1st Devil Castle Dracula and the Devil Castle Dracula Circle Of The Moon released in 2001 The main visual art of the plate is included. In addition, it is not the ownership of the art to be sold, and the copyright and intellectual property rights are not transferred.

This time NFT used by INAMI is an abbreviation for non-fungible token (non-alternative token), which issues a proof of ownership to digital data using blockchain technology. Digital content can usually be copied easily, but with NFT, it has been attracting attention in recent years when new value is born by providing uniqueness that is difficult to forge. It is also characterized by being able to buy and sell through the marketplace. It is also recognized that INAMI’s NFT art also relocates resale (transferred right).

NFTs in the game industry include a business model called Play-to-Earn, which introduces NFT items to in-game content. For these motions, major manufacturers are also embarked or examining, and some have attracted great attention. On the other hand, the existing fan is a major repulsion (related articles). Under such circumstances, INAMI used NFT to sell art using your own IP. As the company, using NFT, there is an aim of leaving each art for a long time with the fans. This time, NFT art of Devil Castle Dracula series is exhibited, but we will continue to consider new products by the company’s IP.

The Auction of NFT Art based on the Devil Castle Dracula series is carried out at NFT Marketplace Open SEA, from January 13 to January 15th at 11:00. In addition, purchase requires cryptographic currency (ETH), and minors are not participatory. In addition, the first purchaser of each NFT is provided with a benefit of posting a nickname for a certain period for the INAMI Memorial NFT official site. Please check the official site for details.

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