Bucket head is the artist name of the US guitar player Brian Patrick Carroll (born 13 May 1969 in Huntington Beach). Bucket head functions mainly as a soloist, but has likewise worked together with a number of widely known musicians, including Weapons N ‘Roses (from 2000 to 2004) as well as Bill La swell, Boots Collins, Les Clay pool and also Serb Lankan. According to Wolf Kaufmann, he is considered as one of the fastest guitarists on the planet, which produces one of the most durable blends of Rate Steel, Techno and also Jazz. Hannes Cricket calls him as specialist [en] for Thrash Metal, funk and adventures in jazz.

The goose without title is here, and it’s time to be a nuisance. In this guide, we will show you how to perform all the tasks of the garden. So, get ready to get up for nothing!

How to accomplish all the tasks of the garden

You do not have to do them in order, and it might be faster to do some picnic tasks at the beginning.

Enter the garden

This one is easy, take the shovel or a bag at the door and drag it so that the gardener see you. When he opens the door, run inside. The gardener must hear the radio and go get her, quickly grab a carrot and a pumpkin and drag them on the bench, then on the cover.

Untilted Goose Game - How to complete all Garden Tasks
Get the wetland keeper

Take any article in the garden and honk to attract the attention of the guards, it works much more comfortable if it is an article that appears in the guardian bubble. Just place it next to the nozzle in the garden, then run out and open the water.

Flying Garden Guard Keys

To steal his keys, wait until the gardener looks at you, then weave behind him to grab the keys.

Have the sun hat to the field guardian

Take many items in the garden, then drop in front of the gardener. When he kneels to pick it up, catches his hat, go down to the lake and throw it.

Rake in the lake

Simply grab the rake, then pull it to the lake. Drag it into the garden behind the flower beds on the right side of the screen, because the gardener should not see you here.

Make the goalkeeper hammering his thumb

After boring enough bored the gardener, he will try to put a No Geese sign (no obese), wait until he swings the hammer, then Klaxon ne.

Have a picnic

You can start with it by bringing the sandwich (both halves), the apple, and the basket at the bottom of the screen to the picnic cover. After that, go to the door and pull both bags so that the radio falls, pick it up and run towards the blanket. After that, take out all the other garden items and put them in the cover, following the same route you borrowed for the rake.