Corona 19 won the IT industry for two years, and many perception fluctuations have been in the IT industry. After the non-infrared and remote work, the meta bus came to the new keyword. This situation is expected to continue for the time being in 2022. Of course, it is not less than a 2022 keyword to dominate the economy. The presidential elections, including many variables, will be expected to affect IT games next year. Chinned Korea is expected to match the IT key field through the ‘2022 outlook’ series.

The future is already. Corona is an implication phrase that refers to the age of 19. The ‘Year’ ‘black tiger’ is expected to be the first year of this.

‘Omit on’ is a Corona 19 virus variant, but the World Economy is a ‘clock’ as a ‘clock’, but the ‘Daemon’ flow of the 4th Industrial Revolution is further accelerated.

Changes in the industrial and economic aspects are more speeding. The giant wind of the 4th Industrial Revolution is the ‘Corona 19 pan Remix’ rising the ‘Corona 19 pan Remix’ of the ideological revolution.

It is a background for movement of governments and businesses. The world is now in a common disaster situation called Corona 19, but under the age of Corona, the era of Corona is in a hurry.

The reason why the leading fights that the US and among people’s decision-ended is the first reason why the future industry is first highlighted. The ‘Tuchididdes Trap’ is summoned to historical terms.

As a result, the map of the world’s powerhouse is turned back and the leading companies in the economy and industry are also likely to be on the road of survival.

Corona 19 The time to look at the previous and later, so it is symbolic. This is because it is read by the boundary of the fourth industrial revolution, whether it is passively refusing to negatively reject the flow and actively accept.

Prepares for past and future. Anyway, in 2022, the competitiveness of the New Year Competitiveness will depend on the competitiveness of ‘Post (POST) Corona 19’ and ‘Weed Corona’.

Let’s look at industrial. First, it is predicted that the inter-industry rankings can be turned on as the digital contacts are significantly communicating with the core keyword, providing system and solutions for corporate customer service providing.

Corona 19 has changed its daily life in the past two years. The ‘non-surface contact’, which was a special experience, was daily. One step further has made various online services, platforms and users, and made a new environment called ‘Metabus’.

In this change, the importance of the Infrastructure network infrastructure has increased. Now the communication network is becoming more engraved with the top priority that supports socio-economic culture. If the communication network stops, it is not an exaggeration that the country function stops.

For such a reason, the uncertainties of all industries have increased, but the value and responsibility of the communications sector is growing greater than ever. Last year, the same is true for the New Year.

Until last year, if global OUT (over the Top) service providers enter into Korean land, the New Year is expected to be a ‘sized year’, which is a global OUT, such as Taiwan, Japan, and the United States.

Teaming already in overseas is planning to enter the North American market in 2024 as Taiwan and Japan. Wave turned into a strategy to enter the North American market in Southeast Asia, and What do you already started OUT business in Japan last year.

Never, Cacao and others are taking responsibilities in the future. Instead of a strategy to focus on a specific service (app) strategy, it is expected to be more active in the ‘Super Platform’ strategy, which has various services such as shopping, reservation, and chat.

The super platform is changing the industry’s terrain that the brokers were essential. The most common is a digital asset such as an alternative percentage (NFT), which started a blockchain. It is a situation that is already in a virtual asset (DE-FI) environment is a little perched, and the game industry is focusing on utilization.

5G technology and infrastructure are background. The 5th generation (5G) subscriber’s share is expected to expand to 60% by the end of 2022. Wireless revenue is also observed to increase by 2.2% in 23 trillion won in 2021, from 22 to 23 trillion won in 2022.

The cloud is expected to continue to grow in 2022. Providing services that a cloud supply company provides differentiated to corporate characteristics. This will be able to support digital transition by supporting services specialized in the industry.

In addition, the need for environmental, social responsibilities, governance (ESG) management, which responds to climate change and fulfills corporate social responsibilities, which is also expanding its need to have the effects of the 2022 industry.

In particular, the basic ESG’s basis in the digital age is expected to be security. It is a situation where personal information leaking and the like are concerned as a variety of working environment and mobile services are located in the past. The security of a supply chain attack that has a bulk hacking such as smart home, 2021 is observed to be a core keyword for ESG of the company in 2022.

The semiconductor market is also expected to continue to grow solid. Mobility, such as electric cars, drones, and autonomy, is also expected to emerge the color of innovation. Metabus, NFT, and virtual assets are also expected to produce hot issues while responsible for one axis of the industry.

Variations and vaccines, and treatments in Corona 19 are expected to receive a new year of the new year. Healthy fields such as digital health are also linked to entertainment and will be attracted to new industries.

In the domestic market, government regulations and policy keynote changes are also acting as a large variable in the enterprise in that they are ahead of the presidential elections. Degeneration, Negative Regulation, is an ecstatic policy debate in the country of government and the district of the National Assembly and the district.

One of them can be remotely medical. It is a situation that the voice of the medical use environment, such as remote medical care and telecommunication, such as Corona 19 in 2020, is strong.

The order of

① Communication · Network

② OUT · Content

③ Semiconductor

④ Mobility

⑤ Energy

⑥ Electronics

⑦ Platform

⑧ Game / NFT

⑨ Financial Digital Conversion

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⑩ Virtual assets

⑪ Remote Works and Security

⑫ Cloud

⑬ Pharmaceutical

⑭ Healthcare

⑮ Mobile service