Street scooter GmbH (self-ladies Street scooter) based in Aachen is a German supplier of electric lorries. The business was a 100% subsidiary of Deutsche Post until October 2021. It generates in Aachen and Duran in enhancement to totally electric pickups likewise electrical filling wheels for the mainly inner-city use.

Looking back on 2021 this year, the fourth plan of Automaton’s year-end plan. Speaking of the game, not only the work of a long volume. It is a length like a movie, and there are also many works that remain in a vivid. In this paper, we focused on play time and look back on this year’s work deeply engraved in mind. As a selection criterion, the first play time is 5 hours or less.


—One no one, but the story that can be felt

Developer: Witch Beam
Sold by: Humble Games
Supported models: PC / Nintendo Switch / Xbox One
First time clear time: 2 hours

UNPACKING is a puzzle game that is a theme of loading in new homes. Furniture, etc. have already been installed, and the object is taken out one by one from the cardboard box loaded in the room. For example, if cooking tools are packed with a washing tool, it is a puzzle element that places a bathroom shelf with a bathroom in a bathroom. However, the specification of the placement location is not so severe and can be placed freely to the extent of common sense. Then, if you have placed all the items, go to the next stage (home). There are only 8 stages, only 2 hours, but there is a charm that wants to keep the arrangement even after clearing.

Anyway, there are many items of items. Everything involved in life is prepared and is depicted with dot painting. Also, although I mentioned earlier, it is also surprised that the sound when put the item is real and one different. Good luck. Furthermore, the degree of freedom in arrangement, such as changing the orientation of the object or placed on the shelf, or can be overlapped, and the degree of freedom of arrangement is high. As I need to place it in a suitable place, I mentioned earlier, but in fact it is possible to turn off this tied up with settings. How do you arrange, and individuality will appear for each player.

I also want to evaluate the story performance of this work. Although the contents do not touch the contents much, this work takes a picture album of one person and proceeds with the stage to advance the age. Items to be retrieved from the box also change to those who feel each era. Among them, there are things that are continuing for a long time, and there is a thing that suggests the situation in the owner’s sometimes life, and the imagination of the player is stirred. If you’re in such a third party, you may return to the what you are doing in the newcomers of others, but it was impossible to be angered by a mere shipping shim..

By. Tier Yamagata

Yugo puzzle

—It should have tried all things, but only the procedure of correct answer

Development source / seller: roster
Supported models: PC

The Development of this work, Roster, who was also the one who was also famous in the puzzle game area. It seems that there are many people who have seen a little mystery solving every week on Twitter. As a developer of a puzzle game, it is well known as the author of jelly puzzle and Hanna puzzle 2 Banana puzzle 2. These three works are caught in their simple design and rules, and a free distribution, and there are many people who will get a hand with a light feeling. However, its true identity is a game like vegetarian plants that consumes the incoming time with the devil’s sophisticated level design and extreme difficulty level.

The original work Yugo puzzle purchased by the latest work of the series that produced such a trauma was a work as expected in every sense. A variety of gimmicks are charged in the rules of a simple look at the game, but it is a standard of Roster game, but in this work it is more remarkable. In particular, Jelly puzzle experienced person This is the previous work What’s wrong with the previous work? In the method of hooked, the tongue of impressions (?) In the case of hooked.

However, the comprehensive difficulty level of this work is compared to jelly puzzle (but it is slightly like), and it is not possible to say that it is easy to make it easy. There is. In that sense, it may be said that it is a commercial work, making a rounding, compared to the free distribution works that have been pointed. However, the excellent level design while high difficulty is alive, and it is no exaggeration to say that one arrival point of the puzzle game. Since every failure that will be assumed by the author before following the procedure of the correct answer, the game that lets you taste the sense of rolled on the author’s palm so far. It is an article that you want to touch the people who usually do not do puzzle games.

By. Mizuki Ashikaga

Magic to destroy the world

── Cute and cruel youth of girls who want to destroy the world

Correspondence platform: PC and browser
First time clear time: 1 hour to 1 hour half

The magic that destroys the world is a closed lily Jubal novel game that the worst girl weaves. The protagonist Sun with a flee heart of her imaginal friend and always a fierce girl who is always a fierce girl. She was only thinking about himself and a fairy heart, and he was living in her own world. However, there is no fairy short from one trigger.

I’m looking for a crow around, but her fantasy friends can not find anywhere. Under such circumstances, I remember that I was promised to devise a fairy heart and the magic that destroys the world, and departs to a maker forest behind the housing complex. So, she is bullying Tsunami, and she looks like the magic that destroys the world for some reason. On the other hand, the sense of justice is strong, and he did not doubt his himself, Piano, who has not doubted his himself. Three girls who do not see the other party in each necessarily, they are inevitable, but they rolled up to everywhere. Skin sweats to the skin, a hot summer day. Girls who want to destroy the world spend the dark youth.

In this work, the relationships and emotions of girls are spun with shadowing and violence, and sexual depiction. Although it is wrapped in a sweet pattern like sugar candy, the text representation is lively. The figure of a cute and cruel girl will surely choose people because they are painful. However, after the bitter and heavy development, the wonderful and refreshing flavor seemed to see the lotus in the mud. A series of more than 140 CGS and beautiful stories were packed in about an hour, and this work was unforgettable.

By. Each Yokohama


—Vanity to save the islands of the oblique sun in the vote of spore

Developer: Studio Fibrin
Sold by: Division / H₂ interactive
Supported models: PC / MAC / PlayStation 4 / Xbox One / Nintendo Switch
First time clear time: 5 hours

Puzzle Adventure Minute of Islands was a game of certain. The stage is the islands that are undulated by harmful spores. In the underground of the island, giants existing from ancient times driving the machine and protect people from spores. The Mow of the protagonist is a girl who is selected as a giant from a certain event. She handles the key OFNI switch that manipulates the machine and manages the island purification device. However, when there is, the giants have happened and the purification is stopped. Mo is to repair the islands for repair.

She is a crisis of the world, a girl who has a mission, and an eruption for relief. Is there any setting to be excited in the royal road? We will play the game we will watch and watching her adventure drama the end of the Mo. However, when playing, a sense of discomfort will occur immediately. This moor, it’s a stubborn. She reunion with her family living on a remote island, and it is welcome even if it is welcome. She hurries her ahead with one point of because there is a job anyway. Because the Mon is a special girl. She must go back to what she is.

She may have been trying to do a hard job for Someone. At that time, maybe they have come to her role. When she sometimes she may have even hated her someone. She says that she saves the world, what is the world ? Minute of Islands is a bitter work, which depicts the end of wearing about serious person, while inviting a player in the royal road’s synopsis.

By. Yuri Kurosawa


—Enterammonic with 100% purity on small body

Developer: Namatakahashi, Tsunami
Sold by: Namatakahashi

Supported models: PC
First time clear time: about two and a half hours

In fiscal 2021, with the development of development technology, it was not just a minimalistic game that is not just a nostalgic ism, not just a mismanisticism, and I did not imagine.

From the three simple rules, The body that can be jumped, Current action Action to throw, a very variety of levels are formed throughout the combination. From what produces a path that is not energized, up to something that pumps the rules. Without emphasizing actions, it is secured a wide half of the consumer layer by placing the inspiration that runs in the brain and the inspiration to the brain. The order in which the level is presented is exquisite, and it receives an impression that making solving the player’s success experience as much as possible. It is not a momentary and big pleasure that will be born when you solve the challenge, but it is strongly conscious of sustainable pleasure flow as its head is improved. Cute dot paintings and music expressions create small joy as fine accents, and it is effective as chopsticks.

Poppy Playtime speedruns are terrifying

But this is only this work. There is only a puzzle that is easy to solve and pretty visual & music. This is not the case where the heated story, high replay property, and a surprising effect is charged. It is a smaller volume that covers that point greatly. The game ends before the mystery trip experience fits.

It is not good if there is an amount. But don’t bother the lack of goods. The existence of the system as much as possible must be transmitted to the consumer. That point this work shows that all one mechanism is for all players so that the hand’s face comes to floating by minimizing the contents. The intention to make fun comes directly. Yes, this is only this work. A 100% pure entertainment soul on a small body. Etched is a work that contains unnecessary fun because there is no volume.

By. Kabuki Kawabata


—Informs the fact that love is not bidirectional

Development source / seller: Kyle Seemed
Supported models: PC
First time clear time: 4 hours

EMILY IS AWAY <3 is a compilation of the three EMILY IS AWAY series that Kyle Seemed can work. Through the nostalgic SNS interface, it draws the relationship with the Emily or energy), a sweet and sour youth lavatory. The large frame does not change through the series. However, in the latest work, the thickness of the theme that is an axis, such as love, friendship, and trust, and the depiction of human patterns is more tasted.

Also, in the same work, the behavior of the circle play itself, including messaging regarding love, and it does not end with the sweet and sour sourness of youth, and feels the motivation of the making hand that he pushes it until the other. It is an inquiry about how Love Takes Two (Love Takes Two (Love is not Thirteen). At the same time, it is spent a time for the depiction of the friend relationship as a part of the youth, which is lonely, and not cut. Thanks to the other PowerPoint, it is not a been pattern that is closed only with a love relationship with the player, but it has found a closed end point of salvation.

The series does not change the form of storytelling, but the eighteens and after clearing will be different for each work. And the afterglow in this work was to feel Mature as a series. It may be a gift of repetition and continuation by the author who continued to pursue works in the same format.

By. Yuri Ishim

Here comes Nike!

—Special amusement park

Developer: Frog Vibes
Sold by: Gears for Breakfast
Supported models: PC
First time clear time: 4 hours

There are many works that the story and novelty stand in the short game. You can taste the feeling like a movie or have an experience that you have never seen before. Here comes Nike! In that respect, the story does not know well, and the game play is easy. It has become a game like a game like an amusement park that has been a long time ago.

Here Comes Nike! Is a 3D action game. The stage may be separated, and it may be quicker, if Super Mario 64 type, such as a stage quest or mission. However, in this work, there is no enemy and there is no severe standing. To the last, I just travel to the world and help people, to make friends. You can thank the coin to a new stage by collecting this coin. Quests on each stage will be able to achieve any 30 minutes.

But this game is not just a simple 3D action. That’s why I want you to enjoy the player, or any number of objects are spread on each stage. A floating wheel that jumps up and floats, and a splashing newspaper. Any object is also responsive by Nico. Even the grass is also adorable. Individual characters in the stage are also interested in a funny body.

In order to think of the author, this game is packed with the spirit of developers who want to enjoy the player. Don’t get bored. Don’t stress. Consideration, kindness, and love are clogged. There is no gimmick, but various. During play, it was always embraced in fun. A little amusement park feeling. It was not exciting to shake the emotions even when cleared. However, I want to start occasionally, and I want to see Nico. Clear time is short, but loved, kind spaces are spread there.

By. Ayuo Keybase

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