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So you’ve reached the end of Metro id Dread, and you’re struggling to beat Raven Beak. This final chief of the game is not a joke, and it is likely that he gives you some problems the first time. I could even wonder if it is hurting it and what are the best strategies. We are here to help you. Here is How to beat Raven Beak in Metro id Dread.

How to beat Raven Beak in Metro id Dread

The first thing you should know about this fight is that there are three phases, each one progressively more difficult than the previous one. We will guide you through each phase, what to expect and the best strategies.

First phase

In the first step, it will seem that your attacks bounce directly at Raven Beak and do not harm her at all. It moves very fast, so your first goal should be learning to dodge each of its attacks.

Raven Beak will often hit you if you approach too much, so you want to stay away from him for most of the fight.

You can charge it and force it to jump over it to get safe. Being beaten by any of these charging attacks will catch you in a frenzy of punches hard to escape, so it is definitely at the right time to jump over them. You can know that they come if he stops and puts red momentarily.

You can find times when Raven Beak is preparing a sonic boom attack. Furthermore, you can know when it is about to happen when most of the room light up in pink. Put immediately on a transformation ball here for greater safety so that the attack exceeds it.

A common attack of Raven Beak is when he loads a laser vertically towards the sky. The laser will create a field of force that will damage it throughout the room, except for a small window around it. You only have about a second to react to this, so this is one of the few times you want to approach Raven Beak. Curl yourself next to him until the laser attack ends, then stop his blow or move quickly.

Finally, the last type of main attack of Raven Beak in this phase is to create a large black orb that floats around the room. It will do a lot of damage if it hits you, and it will take long to disappear. You will want to shoot you immediately with four missiles to destroy it, while you dodge the continuous attacks of Raven Beak. Fortunately, destroying the Orb will make you release missiles and health.

So, what are you supposed to do while you avoid all these attacks? Keep firing him. We recommend using super missiles or storm missiles to damage it. Use what is more specific, since it is possible that you need to save the missiles. It may not seem like it hurt it at the beginning, but keeps firing.

After receiving enough blows on him, you will see Raven Beak back and greet you. It is your signal to run straight towards him and stop him. twice. Landing two successful stops here will destroy part of the armor of it and take you to the next phase.

Phase two

Raven Beak developed massive wings during phase two, so he can now fly. Handsome.

Most of the attacks of it during this phase consist of loading to the right, left or towards the floor from above. He will hesitate for a brief moment while looking at the address in which he is about to load, so simply practice jumping those attacks or running to the side to avoid them.

Fortunately, you have practiced your spatial jump as you will need it in this phase to avoid your main attack. When you see a red laser coming out of your weapon, this is your signal to start a space jump. Raven Beak will begin to shoot in any direction, so he jumps around the space in a giant circle once or twice to dodge the bullets. This attack usually occurs twice in a row, so be prepared.

In addition to that, the strategy is basically the same as in the first phase: shoot missiles against him as often as you can while you dodge the attacks of it. There is no need to worry about stopping in this phase. Once you damage it enough times, the final phase will begin.

Phase three

The third phase of the Raven Beak fight is very similar to the first phase but with some types of additional attacks.

A new attack involves Raven Beak by loading a massive laser. Fortunately, this is easy to avoid; You have time to react while he loads it, and does not move while the attack is triggered. Keep anticipating where he is going to land and get away quickly.

The black orb of the first phase is back, but now there is a second type: a bright orange orb that can only be destroyed with an energy pump. I hope you have several in your arsenal at this time. Destroying will reposition your missiles and your health.

After having damaged Raven Beak enough during this phase, the angle of the camera will change. Be prepared for two final parades, one after the other.

Stop successfully these last two attacks will end the third phase of the battle with an intense scene.

Raven Beak Boss Fight - Full Narrated Guide - Metroid Dread
It is a long fight in general, and it is likely to die sometimes before dominating all the phases. Keep learning to anticipate each of the attacks we have described and find opportunities to launch their attacks. You will improve more and more with each attempt.

That’s all you need to know How to beat Raven Beak in Metro id Dread. Make sure you check with Metroid if you need other Metro id Dread guides. If you go to Raven Beak and you are confused about the end of the game, we also have a guide for that.

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