Why isn’t Square Enix releasing Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster on Consoles?
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Meanwhile, almost all Final-Fantasy classics from Square Enix were reissued as Pixel Remaster. The last title in the series should appear FF6 in the coming year.

The very first Final Fantasy games awaken with completely new graphics and sound as a 2D pixel Remaster series to new life. Final Fantasy 1-3 have found the way to Steam in summer and the AppS tors of Android and iOS, followed in September FF4, last month then FF5. Only the last part of the old 2D classics is still missing.

According to one entry on Steam, the publication period of Final Fantasy VI is now fixed: February 2022. Until then, you would like to treat the necessary fine grinding. To sweeten the waiting time, all pre-order and buyers of the bundles (FF1-6) are considered with a few additional bonus articles. The bundle is already available, the pre-order of the individual game should be possible shortly. An overview of all titles of the Pixel Remaster series can be found here.

The pixel Remaster series has nothing to do with the remake of Final Fantasy 7, but is a parallel development.