In a few days, the first friendly preseason will take place, among the French of Carmine Corp and the League of Legends team of IAI and Piqué. This Hispanic-French duel promises to be tremendously entertaining, and more considering the enormous number of spectators that will be in Barcelona.

The enthusiasm is real and despite the great faces of both teams, all looks will be about Reckless. The veteran Swedish shooter joined Kc after a bad season in the group in G2 Esports, but keeping the great renown of him. But we have some doubts about the arrival of him to Corp that we would like to solve.

Reckless will happen over all?

Reckless remains someone very relevant at the League of Legends scene. Without offending the rest of the players who will be at the party, both opponents and colleagues, the Swede belongs to another dimension. Multiple Champion of Europe and accustomed to playing the world (2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020), not even veteran and companion Aboard can approach.

In terms of numbers, Reckless is also much larger. When he signed, we talked about a transfer of 1 million euros and a salary of 1.5 million two years… with such figures, we expect a lot from the ADC. It remains to be seen if there will be such a gap in the game. Even if at this time of year players are not always at the top of the form of it, we will wait for an overwhelming performance from Swedish.

Reckless is going to play seriously?

Surely Reckless will be very motivated in order to make a successful entry. But this match does not stop being a show match without competitive interest. In addition, the Christmas season is approaching and players will be tired after a hard and intense competitive year.

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For those who follow the Swede in the networks, they will surely have noticed that he has hung more photos of his model plan than anything else. Reckless is on vacation and is not known at all if he is in shape, especially since the signing market and the World Cup must have been hard. We hope you do not see it using champions like Garden or Karma, but we can not leave that hypothesis completely.

What synergy will have the duo reckless / Hunter?

Reckless Level is not the only question of this show match. We also wonder how the duo will work Reckless / Hunter. While the Swedish is used to playing with big names (Hulling, Mike, Yellow star…), he this time he will share the bot lane of him with a player with a player Something less curriculum.

Hunter is back in LFL after a successful period in Spain. But it must be remembered that his last games in the French League were not very convincing, and that he stayed at the end of the classification with Solar… Can you turn at the same level as Reckless? Will he be overwhelmed by pressure? Playing next to Swedish is a privilege and many would dream it. But Hunter can also be sure that, in case of bad collective action, he will be immediately indicated.

How will Lafitte be raffia against Reckless?

Although no player of the IAI and Piqué team is not yet official, the rumors point in a clear direction when we talk about their ADC: Rafael Lafitte Allow Zapata. The former CAM ESPORTS shooter was the superior champion in spring of this same 2021, and has two pending remains against Corp. It was the French team, and to the winner dessert, who eliminated his CAM in the two EU MASTERS editions this year.

It is a player of a high level within the Spanish ERA, but there is a lot of desire to see Reckless play against him. If the Swedish plays the level of it, he should be over his… but it will be a good measuring bar.

Have you learned French Reckless?

From the formalization of the signing of him by Carmine, Reckless has become accustomed to tweeted in French. He still does not write novels worthy of Victor Hugo and are generally very simple phrases, but this is more than enough to earn even more the heart of the French community. In the French community there is a recurring meme that the Swedish has twisted more in French that Team Vitality, often mocked by the tendency of him not to recruit tricolors for his League of Legends teams.

The next level will be to listen to Reckless Pronounce the first words of it in French ! We still do not know when it will happen and when the Swede will feel comfortable enough. But we are almost sure that he will make the effort to please the public.


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