Everyone wants to be a hero, right? Well, 2020 will be your chance to play the number one hero of the planet — somehow. Even earlier than that, the Beta One Punch Man Closed is underway in November. Soon, you will also be able to win every battle, in the way of Santana.

Saitama can be beat. (OPM Closed Beta)

This means of course you play like any other fighter, with Santana intervening at the last second to transform the monster into a clay paste. That’s what it means to be the best, boys and girls. In fact, you can create your own custom hero. Imagine that your own automatic insertion character is saved by Santana’s terrifying fists!

Registrations are now until October 16th. The closed beta itself will take place from November 1st to 3rd. Apparently, you engage in 3v3 battles, although everyone expects… until the protagonist presents himself and spacetime the one to whom you fight. One Punch Man: a hero that no one knows is planned for PS4, PC and Xbox One next year. You can consult the closed beta trailer of One Punch Man integrated below.

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