A few weeks ago, RURAL received a new update that finally allowed users to create a stored point in the middle of their games. This was one of the most requested functions by the community since its launch months ago, but it seems that House marque will continue to add more saved options for a greater personalization experience.

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Harry Krueger and Mikael Have, Directors at House marque, recently had the opportunity to talk with the magazine edge, where they thanked all users for the incredibly good reception that this function had Saved. As a result of the above, now they will be considering more options for the future, although they also made it clear that each game will keep you at the edge of your seat.

This function of saved RURAL is not something traditional, since it only allows you to create a point of suspension, so whenever you want to play for just a while and then suspend or pause your cycle, then you can do it without Have to start from the beginning. Krueger and Have They did not talk about implementing a more traditional system, but it is possible that they are contemplating it.

Editor’s note: Even without this suspension function, RURAL was already an excellent game. Of course, it is always good news to know that your developers are listening to the community and that they are offering more accessibility options for users who may not have enough time to play a start-end game without interruptions.