Final Fantasy 14 new addition to the End of howl (hereinafter Balikpapan 14) (hereinafter howl) This was followed by a formal launch eight days prior to trying the last three days. Howl is high Medellín have survived from 1.0 regardless of home and abroad, has received high attention in terms of expansion, which is located on the end of the saga Jody arc, the actual reactions were hot after launch.

But always, apart from the domestic market and the global release date is still undecided situation. Indira the time, but if I can find is the final release itself attention of the domestic situation Balikpapan 14 users are sections towards the global server. Thus, the game looked Mecca sum up the global response to the added, changed content with this update.

‘m clear new professional ripper and sage, the pros and cons

Balikpapan 14 that has released a new expansion pack for every job added the physical proximity dealer Ripper and the wise healer barrier in howl. Especially Ripper is by wearing the video booth to go public Jensen For guessed at the time of the release of 6.0 will emerge as a major villain Dana weapons worn at the 66th letter of LIVE attracted great interest. If you both have more than 70 professional-level job it can be acquired without any special restrictions.

First, proximity to a physical dealer ‘Ripper’ is responsible for the PURE dealer who share the courage Inc. equipment, a concept that goes to battle with summoning the Avatar in Lee Kevin voids. Possession of Avatar battle by yourself can be a strong attack, no additional damage to the side and rear attack on the general situation close Unlike other vendors. Because of this, but the easiest difficulty level General side dungeons, or tobeoljeon, gauge management is the hard difficulty Content rises are difficult to evaluate.

Barrier healers ‘wise men’ goes to battle in a way that used to separate the resources and attack resources for recovery and buff. If the healer job families Pure Healer and I high interest in as many job families am the skills configured birth began to identify as a barrier healer, use all the resources that the remaining barriers to Hilo with conversion or instead of skill are many that are triggered as soon yen strength recovery Hard. This is difficult to use because not a good party stability is often evaluated.

new field will see the end of an epic story

Various regions of going through the process of resolving the question of the existence of a high arc Medellín and Jody were also published. First was the old chalet Ian ‘open to new metropolitan areas to new fields, nine chalets Ian’ is located ‘labyrinth’, a familiar name to equipment or Quest ‘four Venetian word and the new town area of ​​the region’ One Raja ‘has been added. Which was also mentioned only in trailers for video, Gale horse ‘and’ sea of ​​grief that finally emerged it was newly added.

New fields appear, and the system was changed to Ethereal Light telephony costs. If there are more than 2,000 street costs depending on the behalf telephony costs reduced, because the distance is proportional to the maximum extent disappeared in the same area. Thus, the user community is advised to ensure the free ‘transport network ticket available telephony comes with a number. Transport network ticket can be exchanged via the Centurion and get badges and insignia hunting alliance Changchun, hongryeon and hunting monsters to get a new evil.

Update The further reinforce the battle and convenience

In howl proceeded majority convenience updated to complement the inconvenience it has been pointed out to the pitch. First was extended to the lack of space looked big ‘main weapons’ and ‘The Ring’ library of 50 spaces. Also, Belt equipment is removed, the HQ of the material obtained through the gathering and combat, trade, etc. disappeared. I do not have specific personality Gig be hidden in distant fishing was reborn as a mini-game.

Many Changes related to combat. First change was a combo of the fight when you use the Limit Break so as not to break. Narrow the scope is widened in plain finally mansion healer Limit Break range 30 m to 50 m was accentuated to facilitate the revival of the party. Knight and sages were able to start from the situation obtaining jobs dedicated resources at the start of the battle to the maximum, the bard, Summoner, changed from being initialized even when the only resource incapable Battle of astrologers can continue to lead the fight smoothly after the resurrection It has received a favorable evaluation of its users.

However, the balance career aspects staggered opinions. In particular there has been intensified discussion of the case of remote physical damage dealer referred to the guerrillas. It called ‘natural downward groups are primary factors of physical attacks increased dealers’ opinion, ‘the balance than other occupations continued from the previous expansion pack is not good’ is a sharp confrontation. In addition, pity because the mechanism has changed skill feeling of being intuitive and unified than ever before seem even comment.

So overall assessment?

The contents of howl to deal with a story that passes through the world-wide shifts are still believed looks so much enjoyed the content. Silk existing sub-quests, as well as’ it seems as you know, goes all the tobeoljeon and eight raids and 24 of the raid before the expansion and diverse Easter Egg also added more nurturing and more jobs are less perfect sense right.

It related to the flow and not the quality of the story, but also the most popular, such as the question about the probable problems for some NPC sometimes seems. But for this part of the story when the public through the medium further Update certainly seems conclusions day. After the 8-laid, only major plate IEOM demo, will be updated with the content in order to Figure 24 in laid climb the myth of the HE ‘(Myths of the realm) or the like, through the main elements of the story.

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Steam server also assess the problem despite very positive (9th 16:00 basis), and maintain, and hours Tracker twitch games like comprehensive ranking top 20, ranked 21 and has been crowned over the viewers’ attention. Try ahead after launch there was also attract more than 80,000 people audience. December 5 has got to see more than 5,000 concurrent users only 90,000 steam could imagine the heat.

Overall user rating considerably higher. 9 days 15:00 (local time) basis, Balikpapan 14 howl PC version Metacritic user score of 9.3 points, opened the score neuritis user has hit 97 points. In about 10 years the story of slicing the center of Medellín and Jody high arc of the story that were concluded during the proceeding that it was getting good reviews, without dissent, collects the domestic market is also expected.