The Marvel Cinematic World (MCU) media franchise includes numerous imaginary aspects including areas, weapons, and artifacts. While numerous of these features are based upon components that originally appeared in the American comic publications published by Marvel Comic books, some features were created especially for the MCU.

We continue with the Christmas lists of 2021. On this occasion, This year handed us great games for all types of users regardless of your preference console. Here are Nintendo, Xbox and PlayStation titles, each full of quality, and a perfect purchase for this time.

Hitman III — Currently at $1,392 pesos

Without a doubt, one of the first strong games of the year. Almost a year after its launch, this delivery has more content that makes this delivery as the definitive experience of Hitman.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowler’s Fury — currently at $1,099 pesos.

One of the best Wii U games arrived at the Nintendo Switch accompanied by a great experience that gives us a little look at Mario’s future in the 3D world.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy — currently at $1,279 pesos.

After the bad taste of Marvel’s Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy has shown that Insomniac Games are not the only ones capable of making good games of Marvel. An unmissable adventure.

RATCHET & CLANK: Rift Apart — currently at $1,151 pesos.

One of the great exclusives of PlayStation 5 that we saw this year is a great sample of the potential of this console. All users of this console must have this title in their hands.

WARIARWARE: GET IT Together! — Currently at $899 pesos.

Mario is back, and on this occasion his friends form an important part of this experience that is perfect for playing in company during this Christmas season.

Fora Horizon 5 — Currently at $1,510 pesos.

For many, this is the game of the year, and the best letter provided by Xbox in recent months. It is time to travel the beautiful locations of Mexico in an open world game that is very worthwhile.

Shin mega mi tense v — currently at $857 pesos.

Board Game Gift Guide | 2021
Do not hesitate. This is one of the best RPG of the year, and a delivery that all the fans of this genre and at Labor of Atlas must have in their collection. Without a doubt, unmissable.

RURAL — Currently at $1,279 pesos.

One of the PlayStation jewels 5 that all users of the console must also have. A routine that will test all your skills, and on the road it offers a fantastic story.

DECATHLON — Currently at $1,336

A solid candidate for this year’s Got. An adventure that shows that Arcane is one of the best studies at the time of talking about FPS. Another great exclusive PS5.

HOT Wheels Unleashed — currently at $803 pesos.

If you were not a fan of forza reality Horizon 5, then the Style HOT Wheels Unleashed toy is what you need. An arcade adventure that certainly surprised more than one.