The SCM did not have a chance at Next Nice at 32:26 (19:14) and triggered the Croats as Table Guides of Group C. The entry into the secondary finals should hardly be to take the first German Champions League winner (2002).

At Magdeburg, Philipp Weber met the most frequently (6), followed Lukas Martens (5). The most successful shooter of the game but was a Bahrain Relic, who made for the guests eight of his nine litters in the gate.

This also applies to Lego, despite the 28:34 (10:15) defeat at Gog Game from the land of World Champion Denmark. With eight points, the crew of coach Florian Hermann is still comfortable six counters left five. The best four teams of the four groups draw into the second round.

Bark Mar Elision (8) and Lukas Were (6) were the best throwers at Lego. The most successful shooter of the game was Emil Madsen (9) at the seven-time Danish champion.

Three bad phases of Lego were too much

#Sportskongres 2020 - Health complaints in parasport

We have totally overslept the first initial phase, then fight us back into play with a lot of effort and then before halftime the second bad phase in which we push the game, said TV coach Florian Hermann. Then the mortgage was very high at halftime. Nevertheless, we managed to stay in the game somewhere, fight us back to a goal. From the 40th minute, then the third bad phase came, then we could not catch that anymore And ultimately we have lost.

The game of Fuchs Berlin on Tuesday at Padi Winterthur in Switzerland had to be canceled because of seven Coronals in the team of the Bundesliga club. The complete foxes team is in self-isolation.