The ESPORTS organization SK Gaming is located in Cologne and has successful E-athletes in titles such as Clash Royale or FIFA 22 under contract. Beleaguer of Legends is running in the LEC but only as editors. In summer 2021 you became the penultimate, only Schalke was even worse. Now the team from Cologne is a partnership with the supermarket chain RENE and emphasizes how important you are good diet. A bizarre commercial accompanies the campaign.

What is this team?

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SK Gaming is a German E-Sports Organization, which was created in 1997 as School Commando in Oberhausen. Investors of the organization include Daimler AG, FC Cologne and Deutsche Telekom.
Since Schalke 04 sold his spot in the LEC, SK Gaming is the only German professional team in Lol: however, it’s not so good. In the summer of 2021, SK Gaming became penultimate, just Schalke was even worse and the trials of her team quasi.
However, SK Gaming also has many other E-athletes under contract. At Games like Clash Royale, FIFA 22 or Brawl Stars you are well positioned. Here you have some professionals from Germany under contract like Morten Morten Mehmet or Lucas Big spin Eagerer, but also content creator like Tim Lanka (FIFA 22).

Age salmon

This is the commercial: To the Nicholas Day appeared a somewhat bizarre commercial of SK Gaming.

Two of the Team’s Content Creators, Laura Lunar and Trouble inc, run through a RENE while talking to each other in English. In the RENE, E-Sportsman and Content Creator works by SK Gaming, which operate the market as an employee.

The Clash-Royale Professional Morten clears about a frozen shelf, considered his work proudly and says recognizing: Age salmon.

Love for 1. FC Cologne connects RENE and SK Gaming

That says SK Gaming to the partnership: They say they are a great focus on diet with their e-athletes, so it’s great if you can rely on the fresh and high quality products by RENE.

You feel a deep connection to RENE, which would also come from Cologne, and would be sponsors of the FC Cologne.

That says RENE: Also, the emphasizing your proximity to Cologne and say the partnership to SK Gaming would be very hearted. At RENE you will also seem a great love for FC Cologne.

E-Sports organizations always conclude larger deals

That’s behind it: This is a sponsoring in which RENE tries to reach a younger audience and take some money with the SK Gaming.

Last time, the reports are more likely to acquire the big e-sports teams from the USA tremendous sums:

The Fazed clan wants to go to the stock market and make a lot of money there.
100 Thieves wants to become his own fashion label.
TSM has named his name for several hundred million US dollars to a crypt beading.

SK Gaming now relies on fresh and high quality products of RENE. In LOL it can only be better for SK Gaming.

How the US version of such a sponsoring deal looks like to look at the US team TSM:

The largest LOL team in the world vertices names for $210 million to a Krypton Stock Exchange — Riot says: Lower Austria