Intel Company is an American firm based on July 18, 1968, by Gordon Moore, Robert Noyce and also Andrew Grove. She is the second worldwide semiconductor supplier after Samsung if we are based on turn over. It makes microprocessors — it is likewise that it produced the very first X86 microprocessor —, motherboards, flash memories and visual processors specifically. Intel is provided in Nasdaq under the INTO phrase. Its market capitalization is $254.88 billion (as of October 2018) with the primary competitor Advanced Micro Instruments (AMD). Beginning in February 2021, the business is led by Pat Ge linger, up until then CEO of VMware.

AMD is currently valid as a tip for many gaming PCs. But for 2022 Intel could become the insider tip for many gamers — because a leak shows new Intel processors in the beginner segment.

Intel’s i3 processors are aimed at beginners who do not want to spend much money. But so far it had been well worth it to spend around 30 euros more. Because for 150 euros you already get an I5-10400F, which gets your Intel’s best processor in the middle class. In the mid-range area, especially AMD dominates the market with its processors.

That has become known now: But that could change now when the rumors are right. Because now a first review should have been lasted to Intel’s latest budget processor. This reports at least the magazine Gamer (via and refers to a Chinese article in his article.

AMD vs. Intel in 2022
If the leak is right, then a flowed processor could expect us in the beginner area for little money.

Beginner area could get a significant performance boost

What is the big surprise? Especially the fact that the new i3-12100 hyptershreading should be able to surprise many users. Because Hyperthreading was always due to the favorable processors.

Hyperthreading means that a microprocessor works like two logical cores and can therefore work more than one thread at the same time. That means a proper performance boost. This Performance Boost should now also receive the most recent processor of Intel.

Otherwise, the I2-12100 should become a flowed entry processor:

The processor should offer 4 cores with 8 threads
Added to this is 12 MB L3 cache, which is mainly responsible for the fleet transfer of the data.
In addition, the processor should have a TDP of 60 watts. That is, you do not need a high-end cooler for the processor, but a cheaper cooler is completely sufficient.
In addition, the processor should provide a graphics chip. Intel’s XE Graphics is at least enough to play a few low resolution games.

Intel had no more low-priced processors released over the past few months and mostly stressed the first place with AMD in the mid-range area. In the price range between 150 and 200 euros the Ry zen 5 3600 and the I5 10400F dominate and the I5er of Intel you even get a few euros cheaper.

Intel could offer a strong alternative in the beginner area from 2022

With the i3-12100 Intel could now launch a successful alternative for all those who are 170 euros for a processor too expensive, but still not want to do without performance.

When is the release of the I3-12100? According to rumors, the I3-12100 should come on the market in the first quarter of 2022 with favorable motherboards. Although the price is unknown, the previous entry processor, the i3-10100, currently costs around 130 euros. We assume that the latest CPU is likely to come to the market for a similar price.

To spend several hundred euros for a high-end processor, the fewest players are currently ready. How well the two high-end CPUs from Intel and AMD are now the YouTuber Linus Tech Tips under the magnifying glass. An article you can also find ourselves on Mango:

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