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Jurassic World Evolution 2 The second map Chaos Theory is loosely based on The Lost World: Jurassic park. This time we will revive Jurassic Park: San Diego, whose construction was interrupted when T. rex razed the city. Be sure to read our tips and tricks of chaos theory first, as they apply to all maps of the theory of chaos. Overall, this map is a little easier than Jurassic Park because of more lenient requirements, but if you have any problems, this guide to the theory of chaos San Diego should help.

The ruins of Jurassic Park: San Diego

We started in the ruins of what might have been Jurassic Park: San Diego. In the like Jurassic Park, begins quite simple. You need to build a facility response, repair existing buildings and feed the amphitheater, the observation gallery and science center. As soon as you switch on science center, you can research technology for improved power backup generator does not screw before opening the park.

Now you will prepare for the arrival of some dinosaurs. What I did was divide the existing campus in two, creating a larger section on the outside and a smaller towards the amphitheater. You can put Pachycephalosaurus in large portion; ground leaves need to feed. Prepare the small portion with sand and a feeder meat for Compsognathus.

You need a new enclosure for the two T. rex they are entering. I attached an enclosure at the rear of the amphitheater because it forced me to turn it on anyway and this was clearly the intention. Be sure to give your Texas sand, forest, a feeding of meat and two feeders of live prey. Once all these dinosaurs are at the gates, you can open the park to get a good profit.

more dinosaurs, more problems | Chaos Theory San Diego

As you did in Jurassic Park, now you will attend to the guests. The first steps are:

Increases the comfort of guests to 50%
Increase the visibility of the dinosaurs 75%.
Increase the gain per minute of comfort to $50,000

Near the entrance to the park, on the road leading to the octagon-shaped medium, placed a small hotel, a set of small amenities (food, drink and shopping), hostel and bathroom. Also, I placed a set of amenities around the front of the amphitheater and inputs the path. That should increase your profits. If your comfort is not high enough, you can add a bathroom and a shelter or two on the side of the amphitheater or outside the octagon.

Once it is complete, you will have an imminent arrival of Parasaurolophus and Mamenchisaurus. For Paramours, I created a chamber on the right of the habitat divided by adding an observation gallery inserted. For Mamenchisaurus, I used the same size space to the left of the split habitat and the main road. The enclosure is barely big enough in terms of area with a viewing gallery added, but can not get a perfect ratio of open space high leaf. It really does not matter, your comfort will be 99%.

Now you need to increase the total of six species of dinosaurs. Quite easy, and you have five free. In doing so, he also achieved another step to increase by 75% genome. I chose a Triceratops and put them in an adjacent enclosure to the T. rex, but you can go with any dinosaur that can unearth. I do not recommend Velociraptor comfort as they lose quickly in a storm and probably will climb the fences without power.

On this map, you will find sandstorms instead of tropical storms. Sandstorms end with your power during the storm and sicken your dinosaurs curable diseases, mainly coccidioidomycosis. You should investigate the treatment, but once done, it’s easy to make the rounds and make your dinosaurs back to be healthy.

Finally, you need to earn an income of $400,000 per minute. This is mainly a matter of adding more amenities where they are needed. I ended up moving my meal service was closer to the entrance because it no longer made profits. I guess people stopped messing around so long. When finished, you should investigate to expand the boundaries of the park, although you will not need the space for a while.

Broadening the Park | Chaos Theory San Diego

This step is further expansion. The ultimate goal of the list, have a total appeal of dinosaurs 4000, it is a gift. The total free attraction with only the dinosaurs that gave you are about 3950, so no matter what dinosaur’ve added in the last step, and you should have it.

You need two more species of dinosaurs. At this point, I created another enclosure to the left of the octagon media. I moved the Pachycephalosaurus to this area and went to dig in search of Gallium fossils. You can also opt for the fossils of Struthiomimus, but the Gallicisms have a little higher attraction. The Galleys entered the largest part of the divided enclosure, where the Paths were.

I also added another enclosure adjacent to the Paddock Rely on the left. I filled this with Trodden.

As for reaching a three-star park rating, it should be able to do it with eight species, as long as they fill out any space where services are needed. Feel free to expand a little more to increase attractiveness.

Paddock open 9

The other objective is to have 100 guests to the adventure in your park. (Strategically, this does not mean absolutely nothing to build a successful park, but you should do it anyway). If you select your star rating and check the tickets tab, you can see the interest levels. He tells you that guests to adventure are attracted to the infamy of dinosaurs, tours, lagoons and brothers. Since lagoons and girlfriends are exclusive to Jurassic World maps, you must trust the first two.

I suspect they want you to believe a tourist tour. However, the design of the park that gave you to begin with is not conducive to that. This means that the easiest way is simply to increase the infamy of your dinosaurs, which increases with fights and deaths. You have two options. The first is to synthesize, incubate and release some Struthiomimus or Gallicisms in the T. Rex meadow. Remove the prey feeders so that it is more likely to came herbivores.

Or, if you are like me, and you enjoy causing chaos, and you do not have moral dilemmas, reassures both T.Rex and place them in the busy entrance path to the park. Leave them in your homosapien buffet, controlling your levels of infamy, and then calm down again and return them to the fenced lifestyle. You will lose some cash for this, so do not do it if you are ruined. Whatever the method you use, do it after completing the other objectives, since infamy decreases over time.

You can also use the park expansion area to make a large multi-dinosaurs enclosure for a tourist tour. But that is less fun.

four stars is enough | Chaos theory of San Diego

They give you even more space to expand and give the final impulse to make Jurassic Park: San Diego… most of what could have been. Here you only need four stars instead of five.

Unfortunately, my Texas died old-fashion during this step, so my great obstacle here was to increase the attractiveness of the dinosaurs since I lost 2400. I made a large room for herbivorous around a great hotel. This contained Chasmosaurus, Dinosaurs and Mai aside. I also added two carnivores: Centaurus and Majungasaurus. Finally, as I did not want to spend a ton in investigating and replacing the Texas, I went through the Suchomimus and I put them in the ancient habitat of the Texas in the amphitheater. They have an attractiveness of 639 each, and you need at least three in a package, but I added four.

BUILDING JURASSIC PARK SAN DIEGO! | Jurassic World Evolution 2 - The Lost World Chaos Theory

This became more covered by the 10 required species and the 40 dinosaurs. The rating of the park and revenues of $750,000 per minute will occur at approximately at the same time, since the income threshold to reach the four stars is $747,000. With all the dinosaurs I had, it was only a matter of adding comforts to the newly traveled trails.

When you have finished here, you will go to Islam Sorta: Site B with Simon Masai to collect the leftover dinosaurs for the new company, Jurassic World. The Marque Jurassic III The map of the theory of chaos is short and simple, but if you need help with the theory of chaos more difficult, Munro Jurassic, we have you covered.

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