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The Racer Air looks for to remedy those long and typically heated video gaming sessions in your typical PU natural leather chairs in even more means than one. Racer has a great deal of competition in the gaming chair market, yet is the breathable, recycled mesh sufficient to establish it aside from its competitors regardless of the $499 price point? Go on reading to discover.


Version: D7200.

Size: Max.
Advised Weight: As much as 250 lbs.
Suggested Elevation: Up to 6′ 2.
Chair Cover Material: Very Resilient Mesh.
Armrests: 4D (R1-66-N0).
Mechanism Kind: Multi-functional Tilt (M1-01-N0-TY).

DXRacer AIR Review - A Game Changer
Gas Raise Course: 4.
Gas Raise Requirements: 70/40 (G1-01-N0-70(40)mm).
Base: 5-star Inlaid Shade Aluminum Base (B1-03-N0-R350mm; B1-22-N1).
Casters: 60 mm Caster/PU (W1-13-N0).
Adjustable Back Angle: 135° (A1-79-N0-TT; A1-82-N0).
Adjustable Headrest: Yes.
Adjustable Lumbar Assistance: Yes.
Framework: Metal.
Bundle Size: 35.43 L x 27.17 W x 16.14 H.
Net Weight (Approximate): 46.96 pound/ 21.3 kg.
Gross Weight: 66.14 pound/ 30.0 kg.
Service Warranty Size: 2-year for Devices, Lifetime for Structure.
Eco-conscious: Much Less Extreme Chemicals/REACH Certificate.
Meets/Exceeds ANSI/IFMA Standard: Yes.

Our good friends over at Racer were kind sufficient to send us a duplicate of the Racer Air, as well as honestly, it could not have come with a much better time with the launch of FFI’s End walker development. There’s a long list of chores to complete to get ready for the release as well as great deals of loosened ends to bind, to ensure that indicates we’ll be needing something trendy and comfortable to get us with the launch.

A Portion of Cash.

My personal best chair is the Secret Lab Titan chair that we formerly evaluated. A year later on, and it is still holding up magnificently and also equally comfy as the day we got it. With a same rates of $499, and a couple of functions that initially glimpse look similar, I believed the Titan would be an excellent starting factor for contrast. If Racer is asking the exact same amount of money for their Air chair, it needs to possibly have the ability to match the top quality.

Product packaging.

While I had not been expecting golden trim product packaging, package the Air chair showed up in was lacking in love. It’s a small touch, yet the ruined and also battered common brown cardboard box left me really feeling even more like it was a chore to open instead than a bank-breaking very early Christmas existing. After carrying the virtually 50 lb box up a trip of stairways, it slid my mind to take images of this process because it was just… underwhelming. Just picture a big, brownish, rectangle-shaped box ripped to items, and also you’ve got it. We’ve all seen that prior to be it from our own impatient hands, those of our unclean youngsters, or a curious household pet that can’t have themselves.

The box my Titan arrived in was solid black, with a large educational guidebook that you could not shed if you desired too-and it was made from a great card stock! I also remember there being some additional items of foam that you might place the steel items on to make sure that it would not scratch up your floor covering if that was a concern. The unboxing procedure wasn’t always poor, I simply anticipated a lot more from a $499 experience. In my point of view, the unpacking experience ought to be equally vital and also meaningful.


Assembly went efficiently, though I was fortunate that my companion was there to help me hold a couple of items in location. As it is regular with most video gaming chairs, you may require one more person there to help you hold the back to the seat to ensure that you can protect the screws in position properly.

The battered nature of the box had me a little concerned in the beginning that we may have been missing out on some items since the only various other misstep we encountered is when we wasted a solid 5 mins or so trying to find the last screws we required in the box. Just after that did we realize that they were already screwed right into the base of the seat. Fifty percent of the screws were already in position, while the various other fifty percent remained in a separate bag so the variance partly positioning was a little confusing, but at the very least everything existed.

Just how does it Fit together?.

While I’ve never experienced much overheating with my Titan, there was a clear difference in temperature level when I first took a seat in the Racer Air. The environmentally friendly, breathable mesh does in fact really feel exceptionally comfy and also encouraging. Both the back of the chair and also the seat are covered with the mesh, while being framed by the very same hard, plastic material that layers the remainder of the steel structure. While the chair is built of metal and also strong plastic, I didn’t seem like the security of the chair was ever at risk. I was a little concerned when we were piecing the chair with each other, that every one of the plastic could have implied that it had not been hosting likely to be durable, yet I was happily amazed.

Arm and also Lumbar Assistance.

Going on from the mesh, the arms of the Racer are very comparable to that of the Secret Laboratory Titan, just with a little less cushion. The 4D armrests enable you to angle them inwards or far from you, as well as closer or further away. It’s a good upgrade from the lightweight plastic of the various other Racer lines as well as includes a lot more worth and also longevity to the chair. The lumbar assistance also stunned me because it is limited to a slim piece of plastic that goes on a rail behind the mesh. While it is slim, it is still quite reliable when providing support due to the fact that it flexes just a bit with the mesh. You won’t be able to increase the pressure of the support, however you can adjust where you would certainly like it to relax on your back.

Memory Foam Headrest.

Oddly sufficient, the memory foam headrest is among my favorite components of the Racer Air chair. One issue that often visits auto racing chairs is the addition of an attachable headrest pillow that glides off. This headrest nonetheless, is tightly secured to the base of the chair, so you don’t have to fret about it sliding around during your gaming session. The headrest is flexible as well, affixed to a strong gizmo that hooks right into the back of the chair. You can unscrew the back of the gizmo to change it to any type of height degree.

Once it’s set in location, if you would certainly have chosen it be simply a little greater or reduced for your head, you can still adjust the height of the padding on the front of the chair without needing to loosen it on the back. The pillow is constructed from a resilient memory foam, with the front-facing component of the headrest covered in a soft flannel, et cetera of the cushion covered in a cooling mesh. I do not usually find myself even touching the neck relaxes on my chairs, however this one was incredibly comfortable- especially when I desired to recline 135° as well as play my Switch over.

One Week Later….

So, right here’s where my point of view changes somewhat after spending more time in the chair. The primary feature of the Racer Air, its cutting-edge mesh, is still really breathable and amazing to rest in. Nevertheless, after an extended period resting in the chair, the seat began to give me some trouble. Taking a look at the specs, The Racer Air has actually an advised weight of up to 250 pounds, and also an elevation of approximately 6′ 2. I match both of those groups.

After a hr or 2 of resting, the difficult, plastic structure around the seat started to create a refined pain around my hips that raised the longer I remained resting. I do rise as well as stroll about from time to time, yet it’s exceptionally obnoxious when you’re attempting to concentrate on a specific job and can’t as a result of the constant pain. I also asked a relative that has smaller sized hips than I do to sit in the seat as well as ready a couple of hrs, and also he experienced the exact same problem. While the front of the seat is vast sufficient to suit any type of dimension, it starts to diminish and also contour inwards as it goes to meet the rear of the chair. This would certainly have been great if the sides of the seat hadn’t been covered with the hard plastic. That location was already on the smaller sized side, and the mesh property was also additional lowered with the intro of the plastic.


The Racer Air is a solid concept, and also they lay out to create a breathable gaming chair, where others have hesitated and welcomed the regular PU leather criterion. With that said being said, it seems like they may have fizzled in the building of the seat. The seat is a core element of the sitting experience, and also if it can’t hold up the very same convenience past an hour or so I don’t believe you can always call it a video gaming chair. I know that I directly sit for even more than a hr at once for my video gaming sessions. The building and construction was strong with a mix of difficult plastics and also metal that produced an exceptionally secure structure. Nevertheless, that does not offset comfort. It’s an excellent chair if you have no hips in any way, however also then, I do not know that it seems like what you’re obtaining is worth $499. We really did not obtain any type of accessories, so we didn’t get to try any one of the devices like a foot rest, laptop computer stand, or mug holder, however they don’t come included with the base chair anyway.

The product defined in this write-up was given by the supplier for evaluation functions.