Reacting to Jonas Valanciunas' 39-point performance ???????? | SportsNation

The Big Man proved the Pelicans against the clippers that he also has a very fine knife. The 29-Järhigige let it rains threesome, the first seven attempts from Downtown found all the way through the Reuse, only the eighth attempt went wrong. In the end, Valencias had 39 points (15 out of 25 from the field), which was his career repair, and 15 rebounds in the punch score stand.

The boys called him Dirk Valencias, Willie Green, coach of Pelicans, said after winning the L.a. Clippers. What an honor for the man from Lithuania. Clearly they meant the German legend Dirk Nowitzki, who played from 1999 to 2019 for Dallas Mavericks and crowned his big career with the NBA title 2011.

These footsteps were Valencias then but a bit too big. I’m still Jonas Valencias, said the 29-year-old and smiled, Everyone wants to be like Dirk. He is one of the biggest big boys in our sport. But I have to work a lot to be like him.