If you have been the usual players of Rainbow Six: Siege, you will remember the event ‘outbreak’, which was transferred to an area full of infected that we had to face using several selected operators of the campus. That inclusion had a very good reception by the players, and for that reason Ubisoft decided to create a new game around it.

Finally, it will arrive under the name Rainbow Six Extraction, and its Ubisoft Montreal developers have completed the production of the title. As you have shared in the official Twitter account of the project, the game is already GOLD, which means that the development is over and starts at the distribution phase.

We are very proud to share that Rainbow Six Extraction is already Gold! See you in the containment area on January 20, 2022, praises the toot, accompanied by a small video with the title logo, which will come to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Google Stadia.

This means that delays are not expected for the game. Although stranger things have been seen in the industry, entering Gold is usually synonymous with being able to wait for the fixed launch, which on this occasion is marked for the day January 20 of next year. The title will be at a reduced price and, as it is usual in the Ubisoft games, it will include again new unlockable content, with cosmetics and game modes that will change the rules.

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