The 2021– 22 2. Bundesliga is the 48th season of the 2. Bundesliga. It started on 23 July 2021 and also will certainly end on 15 May 2022. The components were announced on 25 June 2021.

Actually, Florian Krefeld, when it comes to praise or criticism, is not happy about individual players. The new coach of the VFL Wolfsburg emphasizes in his first weeks at the Lower Saxony again and again we.

After 2: 2 in Bielefeld last weekend, however, the 39-year-old made an exception. He was a special concern to pronounce a Maximilian Philipp an extra. He had come into the game for the second half, showed his best performance this season (game note 2.5), prepared the compensation by Lukas Mecca. I want to highlight him, said Krefeld, because he gave us a balance in the game. That was very happy for him.

I want to highlight him because he gave us a balance in the game. That was very happy for him.

Florian Krefeld

Philipp namely had no such a happy start under the new coach. In the first 45 minutes at the Krefeld debut in Leverkusen (2: 0) he was still on the field, then no more. That made, as so often in his career, something with the sensitive footballer.

Philipp, the lack of self-confidence and thoughts to the career end

The problem, which Philip carries through his career, with which he deals openly. He lacks the self-confidence, admits the 27-year-old. That’s my problem for years, I’m trying to work. More, sometimes less successful. During his time at Dynamo Moscow 2019/20 he even thought of stopping, at the end of the career with mid-twenty. Friends and the family stopped him. His change to Wolfsburg became a way out and a new beginning.

But even at VFL, everything is running around. He had recommended himself during the lending last year, the Lower Saxony commits the offensive midfielder in summer. However, Philipp first did not come up in this game, the low operating time is putting on him. That’s what the Psyche is doing, he recognized the years ago at Borussia Dortmund, you lack confidence, you’re talking about the quality.

Work on body and head

Doubts and disappointment then outweigh in such a phase. That’s football, he said lastly about his residential role. We led talks — I hope that will change soon. In Bielefeld, he once again made a beginning, today Tuesday (21 clocks, live! At game) in the Champions League at FC Seville, he could even return to the starting eleven. Philipp tries everything works on the head and on the body. He strives to score confidence. I am a positive person and believe in me.

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This faith must also win Krefeld sustainably. The coach emphasizes that not everything in stone has long been carved after his first games at the VFL. I hold him for a very good room player, he says about Philipp, he has the skills to create the special moment on the square.

In parallel, Philipp has to increase its intensity, especially in the oppressive. And as he knows himself: Just be a self-confident.