There were only a few minutes ago, torn Daniel Since has nothing more on the grass of the Studio Ramon Sanchez-Pizjuan. The disappointment over the 0: 2 in Seville certainly oversee the Joker, for which the game was nevertheless something very special. At the age of 30, the striker celebrated its premiere in the Champions League. A game in the statistics, which maybe one day as a little compensation can be viewed for the many months in the rehab, which he had to deal with in his current career. Now Since is largely fit — but he only plays a subordinate role.

The few minutes in Spain meant the third seasonal use for the attacker who had previously been replaced only in the league twice and there may be a thesis time of 13 minutes this year. From the aim of finally completing 34 seasonal games, he is located in spite of physical integrity in his last Wolfsburg contract year miles away. Nevertheless, new coach Florian Krefeld, who is endeavored, builds no one of his players in the squad left, on Since. Although hardly permanently on the lawn.

Krefeld about Winters special quality

I had a good conversation with Ginny, says the coach. About what I expect, as I see his role in the team. And the Sniper still has a special quality. He can give a lot of the team with his experience, including in the cabin, says Krefeld. He is an important contact in the cabin in the cabin. Since’s word has weight. I appreciate his opinion and feel that we have found a very good way together.

Since’s sporty path is rather rarely on the lawn. The competition in the offensive is huge, in January should be a further striker with Bartosz Bible (according to Crossbandriss). Nevertheless, Employer Krefeld does not want to write him: Especially in situations where we are very close to the opposing box, he still has an incredible graduation quality. He is there for me there is an option. Maybe also on Saturday (15.30, live! At Estadio) against Borussia Dortmund, for which Since made his first steps in the professional sector from 2007 to 2011.

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Where the step leads in the summer, however, is still unknown. A future in Wolfsburg is considered excluded, although Marcel Schaefer still remains restrained. There is no stand there.