Eve Online is old. Really, it’s a lot of production that would be useful a powerful graphic update. It is known that no one in this title does not play because of visual attractions. However, it can be seen after him that the time did not go out with him (so that nobody would not understand me badly — Eve online has actually passed a large graphic change, but deserves more). CCP now informs about the resignation from DirectX 9 support, so who knows — maybe something is actually something?

Eve Online officially completes support for DirectX 9 exactly January 11, 2022. So if there are players using such an old equipment, they will have to update it. This MMO will only serve DirectX 11 after this time.

CCP explains the decision to pay what company is charged by supporting such old equipment. It also points out that the Eve Online can not develop, and also can not move graphic luminaires. If, however, less than 1% of players are still using DirectX 9, the creators have decided to resign from it.

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From November 30, the customer Eve online will be forced from the player using DirectX 11, if only their equipment allows it. Manual passing on DirectX 9, when this is not forced (you have the right equipment for DX11) is not recommended. CCP also indicates that the whole refers to PC players, Mac holders use metal and not DirectX.

I wonder when we will see a graphic update Eve Online and how it will look like. Maybe for these fantastic promotional pictures? 🙂