The switch remakes of diamond and Perl are there and thus for many players inside again the motto: Do ​​you all! Since this is a very difficult undertaking and there are many legendary, starter and edition exclusive Pokémon, swap one of the most important elements for Pokémon trainers.

But even with friends it can be difficult to complete the own Pokédex. Therefore, fans now help you with certain room numbers that should help you with the online exchange via the Annex Club.

Coveted Pokémon just received by exchange

The whole thing became known about the YouTuber Austin John, who released a list of the community. In this clear shows how you get which Pokémon gets:

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What are exchange codes? In Pokémon radiant diamond and luminous pearl you can unlock a new function after the first order in the Annex Club. With this it is possible to meet other trainers via online connection and swap them in a room with them and to compete against them.

Instead of simply come to a random space, you can also enter codes. Exactly this feature makes the community used to provide spaces specifically for a type of exchange.

Which Pokémon are exchanged? The codes are there that you can get start to all the starters, Legendary’s and exclusive Pokémon of the individual editions. The codes always consist of the National numbers of the Pokémon. At the first place the Pokémon, which you have and on the second the monster you want. For example, to exchange a Linda against a chest, you have to be in the room 0393-0387.

The complete listing can be found in the video above.

Caution : Since this is still only an offer of strangers, you should still be aware of the danger that someone does not give you the Pokémon you want to have exchanged your Pokémon again. So only uses the room codes if you are aware of the potential fraud.

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