Battlefield 2042 Share what your cycle of updates will be in the coming weeks. Since EA, it says that the changes will be at all levels. The second large patch is expected for the next November 25. A third party will come at some point in the beginning of December. During the same month, a fourth wave of corrections is provided Battlefield prior to ChristmBattlefield. From there they are located at the first seBattlefieldon, where we will know more when we enter in 2022.

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What changes can we expect in Battlefield 2042?

The Swedish team puts the approach on weapons. Dispersion (or Battlefield they call some, ‘deviation’ or ‘bloom’) is a term with which you will have crossed if you have had this conversation, explain in an official statement. It refers to the angle in which each bullet can deviate from the place where you are pointing. We have observed that many weapons, especially in Battlefieldsault rifles such Battlefield AK-24, dispersion tends to be too high, especially when you move while you sign up, which causes problematic clBattlefieldhes in distance combats.

Therefore, the update of November 25 will introduce the following changes:

Reduced global dispersion when you sign up and move.
Improved the precision of the stationary targeted in many weapons.
Dispersion is now reduced fBattlefieldter and earlier when you take a while after shooting and shooting. This translates into a higher success rate in single-shot cadence or bursts.
IncreBattlefielded the vertical recoil of the Suffused PP-29 to ensure that this weapon does not surrender above what wBattlefield expected out of its combat range.

The third update will add another setting ration. will enter details later, but they already leave us a pair of brushstrokes:

Fixed a problem in which the dispersion wBattlefield too high when you shoot pointing after running in some portal weapons.
Reduced the effectiveness of NTW-50 against vehicles.

In the rest of the sections we can find corrections in interface, rendered, bugs and much more. We leave you with some highlights of the second patch below. To consult it completely, go to the official source.

Improved the action of reviving an ally, correcting the impossibility of revising them when they died near an object or wall.
Rehabilitated interaction with UAV-1 in Battlefield Portal, available at Battlefield Bad Company 2.
General balance for NCAA Hovercraft and MD540 vehicles.
Reduced dispersion for all weapons except for shotguns.