After two years, two months and seven days after the start of the tests, Mellor Idle was completed and officially released on the steam.

And what style — the game collects great marks. At the moment it is 93% of positive reviews. So you can risk the statement that we are dealing with a hit.

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Let's Be Frank: Melvor Idle (Early Access Review)

Mellor Idle is not an steam game, but it was inspired by the steam game, specifically the RuneScape Game. Plot, monsters, objects and skills are based on what we see in RS. Of course, with the blessing of people from Jaguar, who liked this project so much that they were even publishers Mellor.

Mellor Idle — as the name suggests — this is an idle, a game consisting mainly on clicking and fast progressive characters. Mechanics are very easy and do not require any special skills from the user.

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Regardless of whether you are a RuneScape novice, a hardened veteran, or just someone who is looking for a deep but affordable adventure that easily fits into an intense lifestyle, Mellor is an addictive, idle experience, like any other.

Mellor idle costs 36 zlotys, but thanks to this we do not have to tire with microtransacts or other Paywalls.