Patch 9.2 has World of Warcraft bring on track. But you are skeptical — very skeptical. Few look forward to the update.

The next big yet final chapter of World of Warcraft: Shadow lands was announced a few days ago. Patch 9.2 End of Eternity It s in the mysterious world of Earth Morris, the building block of the Shadow lands to the jailer in implementing final stop of his plans.

In theory, an exciting story that WoW fans should inspire. But the reality is, at least in our readership different. Only about one in four is really looking forward to the patch.

What was that for a survey? We had asked you what you think 9.2 End of Eternity from the previously shown content from Patch. This Blizzard announced in a small preview video. You could choose from three answers.

It looks very good, I am looking forward to it.
We have seen too little, I do not know yet.
I do not like it.

The result corresponds to the votes cast at the time of 11.18.2021, 10:30.

About 40% have no time for the patch

By far the largest group in this survey is 42% of the share, the patch does not like now. Whopping 930 voices are not satisfied with what Blizzard has so far shown of patch 9.2. This is also reflected in the comments of the survey.

So Don77 writes about:

Is indeed an absolute joke, this patch. No new dungeon, not a new battlefield, not a new feature like the mage tower. Nothing, just nothing. All just old diet that will employ a 2-3 hours and then highly likely to be time-gating begins. Incredibly, any criticism of 9.2 is absolutely nachvollziehbar.

It is clear that Blizzard still a lot of needs to convince this group of players with Patch 9.2. If it proves that you see these male and female players — if at all — probably only the beginning of the next expansion again.

One in three is still undecided

Patch 9.2 is
34% (737 votes) is something any third parties are not yet sure what to make of the patch over each and. The video has their opinion shown by simply not enough. Although some content certainly look promising, it gets to the actual implementation and the overall picture. Questions will be answered, such as:

How much the Grinding falls out?
What is Earth Morris?
How the contents happy long can hold?
What for collectors to offer the patch?
How interesting the raid?
Where the story now heading?

Only when these questions are answered, they will probably be in a few weeks, there is a clear picture.

Only 24% are looking forward to the patch

The previous smallest group consists of 24% of the vote (524 votes) and all who are looking forward already to the patch. Many years of WoW fan and optimistic set players who are happy just to new content nor want to see the end of a story.

To have the idea of ​​learning a new language, some players like the Progress system entirely. The new raid, which comes with rich 11 raid bosses seem to generate anticipation. So Martin Mahyhofer writes about Facebook:

I am very hyped for patch 9.2. I am looking forward to the new Raid.

Basically, however, can say that there were few positive comments in the survey. Most who commented were either openly negative attitude or wanted to see what the first few weeks on the PTR accurate betrayed to patch 9.2 first.

When the patch appears? yet, there is no firm release date for the patch 9.2 End of Eternity. If one starts from a PTR development time of around three months, it could be the end of February or beginning of March is the case, perhaps also a little later, depending on the scope. Since the developers do not have enough time to more players get excited about the new content — or scare.

To cover the results of the survey with the opinions from your friends and acquaintances? Or there exists a very different sentiment about WoW?