A yield of 354.157 million euros, according to press release from Monday, opposition to €352.121 million, after taxes of €2.035 million surplus. Much of the expense, according to the DFB on non-profit tasks of the Association, has invested around 45 million euros in the areas of association / sustainability and coaching / talent development. A good 111.5 million euros have been the financial burden for the organization of competitions and game companies.

We are unchanged in also economically challenging times.

Markus wooden

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Dr. Stephan Osnabergese, treasurer of the DFB, was satisfied with the balance sheet: The result is the consequence of great efforts of all involved in the DFB in Coronabeding unusual and difficult times. Overall, we are glad to have completed the year even with a slight surplus. Of course was For us, to provide important support to to unite affected by the tide in existential distress.

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Nevertheless, other economic stresses would be expected that future households would demand greatly. Markus Holder, Managing Director Finance and Central Services at DFB, warned against coming challenges: We are unchanged in also economically challenging times. Cost discipline and a cautious housekeeping remain indispensable. Overall, but we have reason to be more optimistic about the yields again To look at the future, even if we need to continue to be very cost-conscious because of the uncertainties of the Corona Pandemic.