Battlefield 2042 is officially released and there are some initial reviews, including some on Steam. But there is bad reviews piling. What exactly bothers the players and where the new Battlefield down well, learn it here Mango.

As the situation on Steam is? Today, November 19, 2021, Battlefield appear 2042 officially. But it could already be gambled in advance in Early Access. But to start, just dislikes accumulate on the platform Steam.

There (as of 19.11.2021, 13:00 pm) received over 5,500 reviews. But these are negative about three-quarters! Only 24 percent of reviews are been positive.

players criticize Battlefield 2042, but there is some good votes

In the coming paragraphs, we summarize the most prominent opinions for you. In addition to the escalating criticism but also positive voices to be heard.

The is criticized BF 2042

Currently, it hails massive criticism of the game. In particular, the following is criticized again and again:

Massive performance issues, such as Rubber banding
Bugs and Glitches
Too many players at once
Excessive Maps
Unnecessary changes, such as abolishing the classes
Unnecessary features that nobody need as the weather effects

Overall, it is also criticized many times that it was like a demo or a beta or even alpha annual, not like a finished AAA game with high budget.

This is what the dissatisfied players : A few prominent negative opinions can be found here:

This game is to be sold, are not played. They have all their efforts invested in things like senseless weather effects and completely unnecessary orders of magnitude, so they can use them as selling points, instead of investing in the gameplay. Install and because of this ridiculous extent they have decided as many vehicles as possible, without thinking of the balancing to use once again the spectacle as a selling point.

You have the classes, a basic feature of Battlefield, replaced by specialists, because they are easier to monetize. They have so many great details and gameplay additions from the old battlefields removed in order to concentrate on the game better to sell, rather than to make it playable. The abolition of VoIP, scoreboards, clans and all chats and practically any sense of community was abolished.

User Nobody on Steam

Especially the maps are often criticized for being too big, with too many open spaces. Balancing weapons and technical problems seem to push open many sours. As in the evaluation of Crisp:

Unfortunately, I can not recommend this game at this time. The maps will feel much too large to, as an infantryman running to NEN bough, some weapons are (again) and overpowered the bugs, such as the 0s Revive timer can not be revived in the one and can not respawn, never mind!

Unfortunately, until now only the 128-player mode, which are to play a decent match in my eyes to a lot of players without being converted shot from 30 snipers counter team, as long as you do not sit in a vehicle…

User Crisp on Steam

The large advertised 128 players so do not go down well with all fans. Some would lower players Male want n, as was the case in earlier offshoots of the series.

Battlefield 2042 Review - Is It Worth Playing?

There are also positive reviews

This is what the players satisfied: The positive reviews and some negative per se Review praises, however, certain elements of the game.

Thus, the game modes Hazard find zone and especially the very popular even before portal very popular.

A little buggy like most games these days, but Portal is fun and I enjoy the gun play. I really appreciate that they have such a variety of experiences, such as portal, Hazard, and the normal 2042-modes in the game. The amount of weapons options in the main game is small, but I suppose they change that quickly.

User Pikanuo1 on Steam

Some players can see across the technical shortcomings and not bothered by the chaos caused by the high numbers of players.

Some enjoy precisely this chaos:

[…] Its Pures Chaos and I Love It (most of the time above)! Both Close Quarters, and Long Range Firefights are possible on all maps, the movement is modern and feels good (not only a single time someone bunny happen seen, as it was at BF4 standard), vehicles and weapons listen well and impressive On, graphic is good when maps also look something too clean in some places.

Specialists have a good balance and are all used throughout. Team play with Randoms usually works, but I prefer Breakthrough Conquest, very simple because it works even better that you get Ammo, salary or revived — and because I just want to directly action. […]

User Life on Steam

So there is also enough good voices for Battlefield 2042 and many criticisms, such as bugs and performance problems, can certainly be repaired through steady patches over time.

Battlefield 2042 could, like a variety of predecessors from the series, after a weak start finally become a solid and good game.

What, on the other hand, does not work: Players of Battlefield 2042 allegedly threaten developers with murder — the requests: Tears them together