Square Enix and People Can Fly s cavaliers has apparently remained silent for a while. Preyed for bugs at launch with a constant need for updates and fixes, fans became more and more agitated while the game was improved to offer the experience they hoped. After a few months, the silence was broken with the sixth part of Outriders Broadcast and the introduction of the first substantial update of the game; Outriders: new horizon.

During today s broadcast, many new features have been announced with New Horizon to put the game up to the expectations of players. The show opened with recognition that everyone was not satisfied with the current state, and that these new updates, and the future plans for cavaliers, will surely enjoy fans. While some of these improvements are technical patches, others promise to change the game considerably and will undoubtedly bring out the Outriders in the fray of Enoch.

Without being a live service game, Cavaliers necessary to create an end loop on which players come back constantly. While expeditions promised a new way of playing intense, the greatest concern concerned the implementation of a time limit; The more expedition is finished quickly, better is the booty. It has forced players to create more heavy dds builds rather than playing as they wanted with their own unique combinations. To combat this, time limits have been completely removed with four new shipments added to the game: Molten Depths, City of Nomads, The Marshal s Complex and The Wellspring. Each new expedition will include a character and a branch narrative based on campaign events and promise to show new mechanisms to complement. The time limit can be activated if the players want it, but it will be disabled by default when the update is launched.

The purpose of a botcher shooter boils down to grind. Players want the best equipment to fill their collection, so all legendary objects now have a 100% increase in their fall rate. New Horizon will also introduce an anti-duplication system that considerably reduces the chances of finding legendary objects that you already have. In addition, the expedition Eye of the Storm — the last and most difficult shipments — will offer players a choice among one of the three legendary objects as a reward at the end. People Can Fly has also set up an anti-start system, because some players did not play well and returned someone from the party just before recovering their war booty. Tiago also offers the possibility of buying legendary random equipment, as well as spend drop-pod points to revive the legendary it has available for players to buy.

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No doubt the most requested addition to cavaliers and easily one of the most exciting, transmogrification will be available in Cavaliers without any expenses in the real world or in the currency of the game. When an object is picked up, its appearance of transmogrification is unlocked in a catalog of objects to be applied at any time without the need to disassemble the object. This catalog connects to all the characters a player may have, and no transmogrification will be limited to a specific class. Do you like this trench coat that the TechnoMancian wears and do you want it for your Devastator? This option is now available. During the Outrider show, the fans even had the chance to see a trick on a complete armor of legendary devastating armor. Transmogrification will have no effect on statistics or mods of an object, just a net change of appearance. Weapons can also be transformed into their arms class, the new appearance bearing its shot sound with it.

As is often the case with updates, some quality of life improvements have also been made. All players classes and capabilities have received improvements, developers encouraging players to review the abilities they might have neglected in the past. The multiplayer is now fully functional on all platforms with a considerably improved stability and connection state, minimizing or eliminating the offset and elastic problems of the past. During the matchmaking, the computer will search for active players to avoid anyone connected except AFK, and the very famous bug erasing the inventory has not only been solved, but all the elements of the Inventory have been successfully restored for all players. They also approached the controller customization options for console players.

The players were teased with the announcement of the next CLD for next year for Cavaliers named. This raises many questions about what players can expect to move forward, but what we know is that the Outriders will explore beyond the Enoch colonies in the Great Unknown. Who are these new wicked? What do they want? Will players be able to handle these spacious melee weapons? This is certainly an exciting update to wait, so be sure to keep an eye on future updates on OUTRIDERS: World Killer.

The outriders: New horizon The update should go out tomorrow, on the 16th of November as a completely free update on all platforms. Login Before 30 November will offer players a free random legendary equipment, and to celebrate the update, Outriders will organize a gift event for an NVIDIA RTX 3080 on their Twitter and Discord channels. For more information on Cavaliers and complete articles on the Trickster, the romancer, Devastator and the technogenic, be sure to keep it locked on COGCONNECTD.