Turn- UND Borna Sosagemeinschaft 1899 Cofferdam e.V., or simply TSG 1899 Cofferdam or simply Cofferdam (obvious [ten is he ˈʔaxt͡seːnˈhʊndɐt ˈnɔʏ̯nʔʊntˈnɔʏ̯nt͡sɪç ˈhɔfn̩haɪ̯m] is a German expert football club based in Cofferdam, a town of Sondheim town, Baden-Württemberg.
Originally established in 1899 as an acrobatics club, Cofferdam entered being in its modern-day form in 1945. A 5th division side in 2000, the club swiftly progressed via the German football league system with the economic backing of alumnus and also software magnate Dietmar Hope, as well as in 2008 Cofferdam was promoted to the top rate Bundesliga. In the 2017– 18 season, Cofferdam finished third in the Bundesliga (its finest to day), qualifying for the UEFA Champions Organization team phase for the first time.
Considering that 2009, Cofferdam has actually played its home video games at the Rhein-Neckar-Arena (presently understood as Prefer Field), having formerly played at the Dietmar-Hopp-Stadion from 1999.

Through a late own goal, Football Vice World Champion Croatia has solved the ticket to the World Cup final round 2022 in Qatar.

In the final of the group H, Luka Modrić and Co. celebrated against Russia by the misfortune of Fedora Kudryashov eight minutes before the final whistle a 1-0 (1: 0) success and began the 2018 World Championship hosts.

Croatia, who started with the Bundesliga Trio Andrew Dramatic (TSG Cofferdam), Born Sosa (VfB Stuttgart) as well as Joke Guardiola (RB Leipzig), takes in Qatar for the third time in a row and a total fifth time since its independence on a WM Tournament part.

Croatia 1-0 Russia | Full-time scenes as Croatia qualify for the 2022 World Cup!

The Russians, on the other hand, must fight in the play-offs with the ten group seconds and two best group winners of the Nations League in post-seats for the coming spring (24./25. And 28./29. March).

Sosa introduces Croatia s winner

Sosa was significantly involved in Croatia s winner. A flank of the Stuttgart er crashed from Kudryashov s knee into Russian gate and redeemed the hosts. Russia could no longer fall back in the remaining season after the Team of National Trainer Water Karin previously limited by an extremely defensive playing way almost exclusively on the defense of his previous two-point protrusion.

The crucial points in the race with Croatia around the direct qualification had left Russia in the first leg by a 0-0 on its own place.

Croatia is determined by success as a seventh World Cup participant. In addition to the automatic qualified host Qatar, in Europe, the German national team as well as defending champion France, the world s world ranking Belgium and Denmark had already solved the ticket to the Gulf. In South America, only record world champion Brazil managed the qualification.