In each Call of Duty game it always seems to give at least one overwhelming shotgun, and Call of Duty Vanguard is no different. In small cards like the house and the upcoming delivery skin a shotgun, the people completely around — the Grace car.

While the base weapon does not have much to offer, this incredible Grace car-shot-up features make you one of the best Vanguard weapons. With this combination of essays you have a huge magazine to collect multi-kills, ridiculous damage numbers and lightning fast sprint speed and movement. This Grace Car Shotgun Build was first revealed in a viral clip in a viral clip, which shows how Streamer, Leafy in less than 30 seconds receives a V2 rocket with this deadly fully automatic killing machine.

If you want a little advice, then here: Level this thing as fast as possible and use this Grace Auto class before it is inevitably attenuated in a future vanguard update. It s a monster, but it will probably be tamed soon. Our Quick Guide to the Levels of Vanguard Weapons helps you to unlock these attachments in no time.

Here is the the best Vanguard Grace Auto Class to storm you through some smaller multiplayer cards.

Vanguard Grace auto class

Snout: M97 full throttle
Barrel: 33 Sports car

Optics: M38 / Slate 2.5x Custom
stock: Rag doll P-Wire
underflow: SALE pistol handle
Magazine: 12 Gauge 10 Round Drums
Ammunition type: Buck and snail
Rear handle: Stuff handle
Knowledge: Gunshot
Kit: fast

This is the same Monstrous Grace Auto Vanguard class used in Texas s s worrying clip.

The absolute key here is the combination and kit. With Gunshot you can shoot the sprint from the hip and Quick gives you a massive speed thrust. Combine with the Lightweight Advantage and you zoom on the card.

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Elsewhere, the 12 Gauge 10 Round Magazine offers you plenty of bullets and fast repatriates, while the Buck and Slug cartridges improve their range. The Chariot run also helps with the range, and the M97 full-choke estuary reduces the projectile scattering to maximize the damage caused by accurate shots.

A very valuable accessory is the Fabric Grip, which gives you a boost for your hip fire capabilities (because if you do with this thing adding, you do it wrong).

Also, valuable are the Sale Pistol Grip and the Rag doll P-Wire shaft, which both extend the sprint-to-fire time generously.

500% MOVEMENT SPEED! ???? NEW GRACEY AUTO CLASS is BROKEN on VANGUARD (Best Gracey Class Setup Loadout)
This Grace car shotgun class is built for one thing — a slaughter on short distance. To collect ridiculous kill counts on small cards, there is really no better tool for this job. For larger maps that require effectiveness in all distances, you can not go wrong with a good STG44 Vanguard class.