One week after the release of Call of Duty: Vanguard starts on Friday Battlefield 2042 — thanks to Early Access. Both shooter rows are iconic and popular, but which game is right for you? Mango lists here the 5 most important differences that help you with the purchase decision.

In the differences COD Vanguard and Battlefield 2042 we focus on the most important design categories. These include setting, game modes, customization options, game tempo and map design.

With one click, you immediately get to the different points:

1. Settings, between which is a century
2 . The selection of game modes
3 . Adaptation of Loadouts and Weapons
4 . Play pace and player number
5 . Important differences in the map design
6 . Opinions of the fans

  1. Settings, between which is a century

In which context play the games? One of the biggest differences between the two games is the setting:

Vanguard plays in the Second World War between 1941 and 1945;
Battlefield in 2042, where the US and Russia fight for resources thanks to climate catastrophes.

This is not only a greater narrative difference: players are therefore entrusted to weapons, between which are 100 years full of technological and war tactical developments.

What does that mean for the gameplay? Because the time difference between the games is so big, it is also fought differently and with different tools.

In Vanguard you can screw a bayonet on his sniper screws and a pack of shepherd dogs call the opponents.
In Battlefield 2042, however, one controls unmanned drones and calls robot dogs that shoots with an MG on opponents.

How do I properly decide? Anyone who wants to play mainly as a foot soldier in a classic war setting will be fully at a purchase of Vanguard. Battlefield 2042, on the other hand, offers high-tech gadgets, futuristic weapons and vehicles such as tanks or fighter jets.

  1. The selection of game modes

What can I play in COD Vanguard? As far as game modes, familiar with Call of Duty with Vanguard this year on well-proven: In addition to a campaign, zombies and new content in War zone, there are in multiplayer the classics like Team Deathwatch, domination or search & Destroy.

If you would like to read a detailed rating to the campaign, we recommend the Vanguard Test of our colleague Staff on the Gamester (plus content)

The new modes bring variety into the game and get well with fans: patrol plays like standing, but the point migrates dynamically through the map. The team-based Champions Hill is set up like a tournament and uses extra life to find the winner.

What offers Battlefield 2042? This year, Battlefield completely renounces a single player campaign. EA and DICE instead put on own multiplayer strengths with two iconic main attractions: conquest and breakthrough.

In addition, there is still the Level and MatchEditor Battlefield Portal, The reminds of the Watch Workshop and promises many gameplay possibilities. Players can fundamentally change the game rules via a browser-based configurator.

In addition to content from Battlefield 2042, you can also access weapons, maps and fractions from Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 3 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 — and mix them as needed.

A Battle Royale will not have Battlefield 2042. Instead, there is Hazard Zone — a mode that seems inspired by Escape from Markov or Hunt: Showdown: On a large map you will not only meet enemy players, but also on computer-controlled enemies and must do missions before walking alive. Who dies, also loses Loot for the next match.

How do I properly decide? If you are looking for classic multiplayer game modes, you will find at COD Vanguard. Battlefield, on the other hand, largely waives modes such as Team Deathwatch and remembers the strengths of their own gigantic game modes. If you expect a solo campaign from a shooter, then Vanguard offers you one. Battlefield 2042 has no campaign.

  1. Adaptation of Loadouts and Weapons

How to work Loadouts in Vanguard? In Vanguard you can equip not only with weapons and grenades: 3 selectable Perks support your game style, field equipment give helpful gadgets. Or skills with a cooldown and kill streaks reward good players with even more kills.

The focus of Loadouts is in Vanguard but clearly on the weapons: up to 10 essays can be packed simultaneously on the weapons. You can customize the rifles on your own needs. Already to release are almost 40 weapons available, which makes it possible thanks to the weapons forge crazy many Loadout variants.

What are the specialists in Battlefield? In Battlefield 2042, the franchises known classes such as storm soldier or paramedics are the specialists. We have put together a list of 10 specialists from Battlefield 2042 and their skills.

Specialists remind of the characters from Apex Legends and in addition to passive skills each one defining gadget: one has a protected turret, on the Torsion was proud of; The other can be used flexibly.

How do I adapt the weapons in Battlefield? For weapon attachments, Battlefield 2042 uses a Crysis-like menu that can be used to customize visor, ammunition type, mouth and underflow in each game situation. A storm gun, which was still intended for the distance, can be edited with the menu at any time to a melee monster.

How do I properly decide? In Vanguard, each player has access to the same kit, from which one can put together his perfect soldier with the perfect weapon. Here are the game figures as you want you.

Battlefield, on the other hand, sets in addition to spontaneous weapons setup flexibility on special characters with their own personalities, properties and skills. Players who prefer to play prefabricated favorite characters with special skills come here at their expense.

4 . Play pace and player number

How fast does Vanguard play? Vanguard is a very fast game. Players move and quietly reward aggression. One survives few balls: the time-to-kill in Vanguard is so very short. Because you quickly die and kills, good and precise AIM reactions are required and rewarded.

Thanks to the cod-typical short respawns, there is a nearly hypnotizing gameplay loop full of rapid action, in which team-oriented communication sometimes impossible and unnecessary.

How many players are in a Vanguard match? A controversial innovation in Vanguard is the Combat Pacing: Before each match you can choose between three options that the number of players from the classic 6v6 matches towards chaotic struggles up to 48 Players adapts. The amount of players is adapted to the size of the maps. But just on the smaller maps that quickly becomes a confusing carnage.

What are the matches in Battlefield 2042? On the PC and Next-Gen consoles, Battlefield 2042 offers matches for the first time matches with up to 128 players. This overhears even many Battle Royale. On Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the number of players is limited to 64 players. This corresponds to the previous battlefield games.

How fast is Battlefield 2042? Through the big maps, a server is rarely filled in bulging, but the fight distances are very different: in melee, the time-to-kill is very short; Distance is worth putting on shorter fire teases.

ResPawn times are long, and you often start far away from any action to promote team play and communication.

How do I properly decide? Call of Duty relies on nonstop action with barely a quiet moment, but on smaller maps and servers. Battlefield is extensive and offers action in huge proportions that follows calmer phases of planning and positioning.

5 . Important differences in map design

How are the Vanguard Maps? Most Maps to release Vanguard Follow the proven and popular three-lane map design: with clear sights, roughly spread across three primary paths through the map. One is related in close, strongly contested corridors. The lanes often offer different combat distances.

One of the more advertised innovations in Vanguard is also that doors, windows and certain places can be destroyed on walls.

This map destruction is at first glance less bombastically than comparable possibilities in Battlefield, but opens up important new sights and routes that can be used tactically advantageous — or will be fatal in carelessness.

How do the Battlefield maps? In Battlefield 2042, the maps are much larger and more open — both compared to COD: Vanguard and old Battlefield parts. Even with the high mobility of the character or in a vehicle, it can take a few minutes for one to come from a fire battle to the next.

It is important that in Battlefield many buildings are almost completely destructible, be it by shelling or natural events like Tornados. Therefore, it can often happen that opposing soldiers shoot hundreds of meters away on you — or shot from you.

COD Vanguard  vs Battlefield 2042! (Which Game SHOULD YOU BUY?) Battlefield vs Call of Duty 2021

How do I decide right? The maps in Vanguard are very classic and design. While some elements are destructible, but the matches do not differ greatly from each other. Over time, such a gameplay routine that feels nicely and motivated to play better.

The competition of EA, however, offers gigantic dimensions in which even player-independent MAP elements can drastically change the gameplay. Those who like to improvise and adapt their circumstances will find fun.

6 . Opinions of the fans

What do the fans think about Vanguard? Vanguard largely focuses on franchise strengths and scores with fans. But that s a lot of well-known COD food, without offering something great new to offer.

What do the fans think about Battlefield 2042? The latest Battlefield enters great risks with the well-known structure. For parts of the community Battlefield 2042 therefore feels wrong.

What is to be recognized? Cod fans are happy that Vanguard reminds you of the best parts of the series. Battlefield fans, however, fear that they do not get exactly what they wanted.

Conclusion: Both games serve different niches

For a quick overview, we summarize the most important differences in Pro / Contra lists:

The Pros and Contrast of Call of Duty: Vanguard:


Fast, aggressive gameplay
A lot of content
Very good maps


Hardly significant innovations
The setting is sucked

The Pros and Contrast of Battlefield 2042:


Team play is in the foreground
Gigantic battles
Dynamic gameplay


Many controversial changes
High risk for bugs and glitches to release

What can you summarize? It is clear that Vanguard offers mainly Arcadia, entertaining action, which plays individual gears in the cards. Battlefield, on the other hand, relies on team-oriented, big battles. How both players will develop as service games, so far only suggests. Both Activision and EA want to support their respective game in the long term.

The opinion of the author Marko Celtic: I have both franchises since the first day, accordingly, I both have both closed on their own ways into the heart — despite and sometimes because of their quirks.

I have a lot of fun with Vanguard. Since Black Ops 2, a Call of Duty has not packed me like this. That was not to be expected after the disappointing beta, but is therefore an all the more pleasing result. Sled Hammer Games has shown that they react well and properly to community feedback. That s why I look forward to the more months with Vanguard.

But although I just celebrate Vanguard right, I m still looking forward to the start of Battlefield 2042. I was not immediately warm with the beta — she ran out uninjured and had the most curved problems. But I like that DICE dares to question important building blocks of battlefield identity and try something new.

Especially the weapon attachment system I celebrate as someone who likes to improvise. But the specialists also like me more than thought. The Undertaken alone is an incredibly flexible and fun tool.

Under the stroke, I find an experiment, even if not everything should flap, more exciting than even the best everyday food. If I had to decide, I would therefore choose Battlefield for this winter instead of cod.

If you understandably do not want to spend your money for a game with risks, Vanguard is the better choice. The game does not reinvent the game, but it plays around. It is also full of content that you can unlock and learn. So it should also entertain weekly.

What about with you? What you prefer? What do you think of the respective innovations and changes compared to the predecessors? For which game do you decide, or do you both buy? Write us your opinion in the comments.