Battlefield 2042 is introducing really quickly– in some components of the world, it s currently live as well as readily available– and also DICE is currently cautioning individuals concerning several of the pests, concerns, as well as various other troubles they can expect to encounter upon starting up the video game.

In a blog site article, DICE said its advancement teams worked exceptionally hard to make Battlefield 2042 feel and look as smooth as possible. But, No launch is ever without is flaws, the studio claimed.

With that said in mind, as well as to solidify assumptions for launch, EA outlined several of the top recognized problems, as well as you can see them all listed below. Players can report issues to the studio by checking out the Battlefield 2042 bug record section. Account-related issues need to be reported to EA Assistance.

Concerns marked with a have repairs in the jobs, DICE said.

The Breakaway map is experiencing rubber banding issues under some circumstances, while there is an issue with Breakthrough mode especially preventing players from generating on B1 when it s contested. The Thrown out map, on the other hand, is experiencing problems with aesthetic flickering on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X’S. On the Manifest map s Climate Terminal area, DICE warns that the aesthetic flickering on PS5 specifically is so negative that it can be a genuine trouble for people with photosensitive conditions.

On all platforms, Battlefield 2042 has various problems that can trigger players to come to be stuck in the globe geometry. For development, DICE says your ranking showed in the bottom right of the primary food selection might not always reveal your real ranking. Furthermore, tool skins that you have unlocked could still show an incomplete progress bar– you require reactivating to fix this.

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Besides, there is a bug triggering parachutes to continue to be open also after a gamer has actually landed. You can see a complete run-through of all the known issues with Battlefield 2042 listed below.

Battlefield 2042 formally releases on November 19, but people that buy the Gold or Ultimate editions can begin using November 12, which is additionally when the game s 10-hour test for EA Play and Game Pass unlocks. Inspect out GameS pot s Battlefield 2042 unlock time overview for more information.

For even more, take a look at GameS pot s Battlefield 2042 review in progress.



All Platforms – We have determined some web server circumstances of rubber banding when the big silos on Breakaway are ruined.

All Platforms – On the mode Development, players will certainly be not able to spawn on B1 while it is contested.


All Platforms – Bridge damage states have a propensity to sync if the gamer signs up with at a late stage in the round.

All Platforms – On the setting, Innovation, players will be unable to generate on B1 while it is opposed.

Thrown out.

PC, Xbox Collection X|S & PlayStation 5 – There are some uncommon circumstances of visual flickering while using Disposed of.


PlayStation 5 – Within the Weather Terminal on Manifest, while the building is in a damaged state there are uncommon circumstances that can trigger serious flickering of our lights systems, which has the possible to set off those with Photosensitive Problems.


All Platforms – We recognize some assorted problems triggering players to become stuck within world geometry.
Several of these are being taken care of for a spot after launch, please remain to report any situation where you get embedded the maps!



All Platforms – In some circumstances, Robots are not able to revitalize downed players.


All Platforms – We understand Ranger malfunctioning when ordered over some barriers, as well as we are working to enhance this.

All Platforms – Ranger can come to be non-responsive to Most likely to orders if the player is away from Ranger, as well as we are likewise functioning to improve this.



All Platforms – The Lock-on audio impact for helicopters can continue after the Helicopter has been destroyed.

Individual Interface & Messaging.

All Platforms – There is currently no error message to show to the gamer that the video game is still mounting.

All Platforms – Subtitles are absent on video clip tutorials even if the subtitle setting is ON.

Battlefield Website – Loadouts have a mild tendency to not conserve when entering or leaving a suit.

Battlefield Hazard Zone – When starting a 2nd round, unlocks from the previous round are caused during the introduction series.

All Platforms – When returning to the primary food selection after a suit, Professional s textures might be sluggish to load.

All Platforms – The Vertical Sync choice does not have any effect when turned on while using a 144hz screen.

All Platforms – Sight Account choice is absent in Look EA ID between same-platform Xbox Series S|X as well as PlayStation 5 players.

All Platforms – We recognize a distinct scenario where accounts that have access to Battlefield 2042 across several platforms might trigger Cross Play Pals to not show up.

All Platforms – The enemies player card doesn t lots after obtaining killed by an additional gamer.

All Platforms – Sprint/Boost hint text is presently deceptive.

Development & Unlocks.

All Platforms – The rank displayed in the lower right of the Key Food selection does not always update with the player s actual rank accomplished after an Online session.
We re functioning to resolve this concern and also will certainly adhere to up with further updates at a later time.

All Platforms – Tool Skins are unlocked yet will certainly show an incomplete progression bar till the game has been reactivated.
Rebooting the game will fix this for you, nonetheless a repair has been made for an approaching update.

All Platforms – All Secured Character/ Tool/ Car skins are missing their Proficiency Rank target.

All Platforms – The Fly Not Ye Cowards Player card Art unlock objective is currently wrong, you will certainly require visiting two areas on El Altman, in the same life, to open this.

All Platforms – EMP Mine is presently improperly identified. We will be relabeling this to EMP Grenades at a later date.

All Platforms – Some skins are using over tool beauties.
We re functioning to repair this immediately.
All Platforms – The Mastery bar won t reveal for equipment products until T5 is opened.

PlayStation 5 – The Med-Pen Proficiency Badge is not currently tracking progression after Ranking 25.

PlayStation 5 – Captain Caspian Player card History is not unlocked after finishing its criteria.

Weapons & Gadgets.

Recon Drone.

All Platforms – Players are currently not able to release the OVP Reconnaissance Drone while susceptible.

PC – The OVP Recon Drone is not currently locking onto adversary targets or vehicles.

DR Hold Sight.

All Platforms – We understand some instances of flickering when ADS with the DR Hold Sight.



All Platforms – On unusual celebrations, upright aiming in a vehicle can be unusable upon automobile entry.

All Platforms – Some cars may not have controller vibration when used.

All Platforms – We recognize some lorries not having TAO (Ray-traced Ambient Occlusion).

MD540 Night bird.

All Platforms – Rockets from the MD540 Night bird that affect the ground can in some cases look like being iced up.


All Platforms – Parachutes in some cases remain open, even after the gamer has actually landed.
This will be surpassed in an approaching update.

Threat Area.

PC – We understand players experiencing a concern with mouse input when it comes to picking a Professional within Danger Zone.
While we are functioning to resolve this in an approaching patch, players can bypass this by choosing their selected Specialist with the space bar.

All Platforms – Players are presently unable to revitalize downed colleagues if they are inside the MV38-Condor (at Removal Point).

All Platforms – We know some unusual instances of the Removal Touch not upgrading after numerous extractions have actually occurred.

Battlefield Site.

Battlefield Builder/ Internet – We know messaging happening upon the production of an Experience that suggests you were Not able to Produce the Experience. This is incorrect, the Experience is developed, and also rejuvenating your web page will certainly fix this. — We are functioning to settle this asap.