In the week of October 25, Twitch Streamer and YouTuber Mongol announced that his mother died. The streamer had spoken very openly over the ongoing struggle of his mother with COPD and even revealed that he had saved her after a fire broke out in the family house.

Final Fantasy XIV: Online players stopped dunning watches and built monuments throughout Korea to commemorate them. After understandably lasted in the last week, the streamer has returned to YouTube shortly to talk about the situation and answer the question that everyone asks: when will he see on Twitch?

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In an emotional video of 4 November entitled About My Mom ​​(about my mother), the streamer announced that he will return to streaming, but it will probably be a slower process.

Because what should I do now? What will happen now? He asks. I do not know when I will stream back on my main channel, I have no idea. I really do not know.

He realizes that behind the scenes still have to be clarified some administrative questions, and admits: I can not really say when, but I would like to come to my old stream [Zackrawrr] and just say my opinion to things; Things talk that I read online and to which I have to say my mind. Either I speak to the camera or I sit in front of a mirror and almost lead the conversation with myself.

I would like to continue to create YouTube content, which I might make a few times a week on my second stream, he says his fans, stays up to date with my Twitter and I let you know what will happen.

He promises to be less an asshole after his return.


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