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BLACK BEARD DESIGN STUDIO has notified that the new game application for iOS / Android Ink On has been started at the APP Store and Google Play to November 8 (Mon.).

BLACK BEARD DESIGN STUDIO Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo: Kishiyama, BEDS) is a new game application for his iOS / Android Ink On at App Store and Google Play 11 We will notify you that delivery started to Month (Mon).

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Ink on (INK ON)

It is a strategic tower defense game unfolded in the unusual world view of Main era × Punk. Not only to protect but also a new sense tower defense game attacking enemies according to the war.

There is a future that can not be saved just by protecting

A new teacher of Tattoo High School, which will foster Takashi High School to foster people from threats called Ayala, Tattoo High School Let s start fighting for saving.

Pre-registration 5,000 people break up! Presents all registration rewards!


In commemoration of the number of pre-registrants topped 50,000 people, the game has been started with the items for start dashes, including 6,000 Niagara, which corresponds to 20,000 students and 20,000 treasures. We will give you to everyone.

※ For details, please refer to the announcement in the game.

PV 5 bullets introduced in detail how to play games are also delivered

The 5th PV, which introduced how to play the game, is also delivered together. We hope that you can watch and register a channel according to the game download.

[ Ink On PV 5th] https://youtu.be/osrayioegs0

[ Ink On official site] https://inkon.jp/ [ Ink on official Twitter] https://twitter.com/inkon bbds [Black BEARD DESIGN STUDIO official site] HTTPS : //www.kurohige.jp BIOS version download https://apple.co/3bnxqgv android version Download https://bit.ly/3cuhc31 Title: Ink On (INK ON) Genre: IRA Can Punk × Strategy Tower Defense Platform: iOS / Android

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